Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Vernsdy News, Yah

Once again, it's been a busy week and I haven't had a chance to write a decent post. I have some cute pictures of the girls that I've been trying to get up, so hopefully I can do that tonight. But here's some stuff going on...

I'm getting a brand new baby nephew in March! Via Rebecca and Richard (David's sis and husband...well, David's sister's husband, not David's husband. Well, they WERE roommates in college...heh heh...oh, lookie there, I took it too far). I'm soooo excited! I'm going to spoil him rotten. He's going to love me. At Aunt Ruthie's, you get to do anything you want. You say you want ice cream for breakfast? I say 'What kind?' You want to build a mud fort in the back yard? Me and the girls will join you. You want to stay up late and watch Paranormal Activity? Well, you can watch it...I'll pop you some popcorn, but I'm going in the other room to watch a romantic comedy. They're never going to let him stay with us now.

We've uncovered an amazing new secret. If you let the girls jump on the couch (supervised, of course) for a few minutes before bedtime, you can guarantee they'll be asleep within 60 seconds of their noggins hitting the mattresses. We've just discovered that this week. Harper's diaper is just about impossible to change with just one person. I have to do it all day long, but I give her "forbidden" objects to hold while I'm changing her...i.e. the remote control and my cell phone (two devices they're both obsessed with). It's the only way to get a few seconds of holding still out of her. So, I was changing her on the couch the other day and as soon as I fastened the last little tab, she whipped over and POOF!, she was standing up looking over the back of the couch. She's a fast little booger. Piper Lee pulled up and I slung her up on the couch, too. They loved it. I let them play until they were both panting. I put them both on the floor and went to put Harper in her crib. I came back for PL to put her in their room, too, and saw that Harper was OUT. I mean, she hadn't moved from how I laid her...just merely closed her eyes. I looked in my arms and PL was sound asleep. ELATION AT THIS DISCOVERY. It was like I perfected the art of alchemy. So, now I have a new trick up my sleeve.

Ruth: 3
Twins: 27

I'm catching up.

Tonight, we're packing for our vacay! Woo hooooooooo vacation!!!! The closer it gets, the more I realize how much I'm going to miss the girls. David said, "Make sure you take a bunch of pictures and videos on your phone so we can see the girls while we're gone." Awwww. And yes, that's exactly what I did. But, I'm SO excited. We've been on cruises before and we've been to these same ports before, but I feel like this time it's different. I definitely appreciate this vacation more than any other. And what's crazy is how excited I am about the trip down there. I don't mind road trips TO somewhere fun...I just hate ending a vacation and having to drive back. But, this car ride to and from will be fun because it will be in peace and quiet. Ah. Quiet. Don't get me wrong, I'm going to miss the squirrely girls terribly, but this will be a nice break with the Hugs. Thanks again, Mom and Dad.

I put blue and red streaks in my hair. WHAAAAT??? Yes. And I love it! Actually, I wish I had done more. I went easy on it this first time because I didn't want to look too stripey. I did the streaks all underneath my layers. Little Davey had to help me, bless him. We did the top half a reddish purple and the bottom half a blue and it blended so well. I'm pumped! I'll get David to take a picture...I tried yesterday to take one myself and it didn't work so well. Ashley goes, "I can't tell what I'm looking at. Where is your face?" I said, "No, no, it's the back of my head. I took the picture looking down." Ashley said, "Oh. But, I don't see your face." Sweet little Ashley.

We're out of Nutella and I need some more.

I think Joaquin is cheating on us. We've seen him elsewhere in the neighborhood, far from our house, look fatter and fatter by the day. He frequents us about once a week, but I know he's getting food from another house. I give and I give and all he does it take. I don't know if this relationship is going to work.

Alrighty...I gotta get crackin'. This t-shirt ain't gonna design itself.

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