Thursday, May 12, 2011


Happiness. Where does it come from? How do you get it? You'll be surprised to find out...

A Little Tikes inflatable beach ball.

WHAAAAAAT?? Who knew!

I'd say 98% of the packaging for the girls' toys mention something about what the toy teaches or involves..."Shapes, colors, textures, hygiene, independence (yes, independence), etc."

I got the girls a beach ball the other day to play with in the yard. David was blowing it up for them, paused, laughed, turned to me and said, "Well, I'll be. Good thing we got this, otherwise our kids would probably be miserable the rest of their lives."

I think the creators at Little Tikes wanted to put something on their packaging and I mean, a beach ball is a beach ball, right. It's got colors and it's a sphere. But they needed one. more. thing. to put on the wrapper. Hmmm...what should we put on it, guys? Does it teach outdoor play? Nah. Exercise? Nope. Hand-eye coordination? Lame. Thinking...thinking...WAIT. I GOT IT. Happiness! Yeah, yeah, happiness!

Anyways. We thought it was funny. And the girls are pretty happy when they play with it. But then they get mad when the wind blows it away. I think the product may be defective.

Sorry for the short post. I intended on writing a really long one last night, but Gilmore Girls season 3 ended in such a way that I had to watch at least half of the season 4

Oh, how did Mom put the flags together backwards? It took us a second, but we figured out what she did. She had them all lined up in order, facing towards her. She flipped them over in place and taped the string to the back, which ended up putting the letters in reverse order. Then, she folded it up neatly so they wouldn't get tangled on the way to the party. So, we never saw them until we hung them up. They are now hanging in Sara (and Bryan's) loft.

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  1. I'm so glad little tykes printed this. We now know, the beach ball may be the answer to all the world's problems.


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