Friday, May 6, 2011

Undies Shower

When God created all, I think He took a moment to mark in His calendar (ha, like He needs a calendar) and dub this week "Ruth's Week O' Perspective," because that is definitely what this week has been for me. In a huge way.

What does "perspective" have to do with the title of his post? Well, it doesn't...other than the fact that perspectively, we all should wear undies. I'll delve into that next week (the perspective part, not the undies part), but since tomorrow my big sis is GITTIN' HITCHED, I thought I'd share with you the pictures from her undies shower. And as I went through the pictures, I realized I had very few pictures of actual people. And that's why I'm not a photo journalist.

We had some fabulous food (I didn't get pictures of all of it, either). I ate entirely too much, but as always, it was worth it.

I made some orange cream cupcakes. This time with a pound cake bottom instead of regular cake. I thought it'd hold up better when I filled it with the cream, but nope. Pound cake crumbles.

Boob cookies. Yes. Quick story behind these...several years ago, we had a work baby shower for a manager at a company I used to work for. He and his wife were expecting a little girl. I volunteered to bring cookies. This is my great-grandmother's tea cake recipe and I make a sugar glaze to go on top, so it kind of makes petit four cookies. I thought it'd be nice to have a pink glaze, because you know, a girl. The glaze had always been kind of a cloudy clear before, if that makes sense. The cookies come out, nice and mounded. I pour the glaze over, a beautiful soft pink. I put a dollop of cream cheese icing on top for decoration. I cover them carefully with aluminum foil that night to let the glaze finish hardening. The next morning, I carried them, still covered with foil, to work. Everybody set their goodies out on the table and when it was time for the shower, the art director went around and uncovered everything. I was at my desk when I heard, "Ha! Who made boob cookies?!" I immediately thought, Oh my word, how inappropriate. This is a baby shower! What a PERV!

Of course, everybody runs up to see these tasteless desserts some freak had brought. I was appalled to realize it was my petit four cookies. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! I'M THE PERV!!!! The manager, whose wife was having the baby, ran up and grabbed two, holding them to his chest, while all the guys took pictures with their phones. Awesome. The pink glaze had dried a little more transparent than assumed and the yellow cookie showed through to create a very nice flesh tone. The icing dollop was the perfect finish.

So, I don't make these for baby showers anymore. Unless it's green themed (tried it with blue icing, came out green). But they're perfect for lingerie showers.

Kim's delicious Canadian granola.

Whoever came up with cream cheese, jelly, and crackers...I bow to you.

Linder Pants, sampling the food.

Purty flowers.

The night before, we cut out little triangles and the words SARA AND BRYAN to make a flag banner. Mom put it together. That's all I'm going to say.

We played a game where everybody drew a picture of Sara and Bryan on their 50th wedding anniversary and Sara picked her favorite. Sara, I didn't know Dr. Avery was a leftie! Heh...lefties are so funny.

Malinda won!

We played another game where we asked Sara questions that Bryan had already answered to see how well they matched up. Pretty good! The bonus question helped them out..."What happened in 1814?" They both got it right. So proud of Bry Bry. So, Sara won a bag of stuff they might need for el honeymoon. I blurred it out because I know some younger folks look at the pictures. But, the products rhyme with Shrojan and Hey Bye Helly. She also got some super cute stuff. I hope you packed it all, Sara. Hey, you're getting married tomorrow!!


  1. Ok...your mom looks mortified. Like she's never seen a Shojun mondom or the other stuff.

  2. Congrats to Sara! Was your mom looking in a mirror when she hung the banner?

  3. That cookie story is hilarious. I always laugh when I read your blog. And I have to admit that it took me a minute to figure out what rhymed with those words. I'm quick like that.

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Hey Bye Helly. You are too much. And that banner made me laugh so hard. Seriously. Love your family.

  5. i made that banner like that on purpose...homeschooling moms are cool like that! i was going to see if everyone could figure it out:)

  6. I laughed through this whole post... thank you for the laughs today and congrats to your sister!!


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