Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Simple Things

Simple things...

A monitor that works. (You're gonna get an earful tomorrow, Apple. New Dell monitor that sweet Hugs picked up for me and soon-to-be-dual-monitor-once-Apple-fixes-my-cinema-display-FO-FREE, you lookin' mighty fine my friend.)

Two hugs and two slobbery kisses for no reason other than just because.

Harper coming to me and matter of factly stating, "Ch...chicky...ch ch cheeeee..." Me asking, "You want some cheese?" A resounding "yes" with the nod of her head.

Easter candy 75% off...Reese's butter cup eggs, come to mama.

A sprinkler on a warm Summer's day.

This means they're up to something...planning...always planning...

Chin, chin, chin, chin, chin...I see five.

Hmmm...a little sharp...

Quiet, quiet please. Hmmm...la la laaaaaa mi mi miiiiiii...still sharp. QUIET. Tuning a spinkler harp is an art. One that requires absolute silence and respect.

Ah yes...*pluck pluck*...perfection. I give you "A Water's Lullaby...in G minor."

The neighborhood kids cowered behind bushes and ran to the safety of their porches when Large Marge walked the streets.

Wh--whaaaah? Li'l ole me? Why I nevah did nuthin' wrong. Why evah would you assume that?

Probably cuz I did it.

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