Monday, May 9, 2011

Wedding Awesomeness

Y'all, my sistah's married!!

I'm telling you, BEST. PARTY. EVER. It was SOOOOO much fun. No big to-do...just two people in love, in front of God, family, and friends, saying they want to spend the rest of their lives together. It couldn't have been more perfect. Sara looked like an angel. I know that sounds cheesy, but it's true.

Late Friday afternoon, I went with Sara and some of her best friends to get our nails did. I've only had one other professional manicure in my life and the experience was...meh. Paid $20 for something I could do myself. But this other place we went to was great. The ambiance was soothing. They had these waterfall walls. I want one in the house. Probably not a good idea with kids, but still. I just got a manicure, because you know me and feet. Blegh. But it came with a hand massage. I felt so pampered. And my nails turned out quite fancy.

Then, we went to decorate! This place, called Ted's Garage, is downtown, and has all of these old and fancy pants cars that people store there. It was awesome! Malinda recommended it and Sara and Bryan fell in love with it immediately.

Sara had this girl on Etsy make a ton of paper flowers for her. Her bouquet was the same, except different shades of blue. The rocks around the bottom are actually glass. Bryan's company is in the lumber industry. When they send trees through this process to burn the bark on the outside, sand underneath the bark falls out, melts together, and forms these beautiful chunks of blue glass. For their first date, Bryan brought Sara a "bouquet of glass" and a pig's foot. Yep. Sara had some of the shards tumbled and made into these beautiful necklaces.

I cut my finger dusting the glass dust off the table. It was a minor medical emergency. Not really. Just a tiny drop of blood that smeared when I closed my hand.

I'm Bryan and Noah is Bro. Gene. The most moving performance came from herself. Oscar nomination material, people.

The gals. L to R: Meredith, Heather, Sara, Me, and Kim (O, Canada!)

Saturday morning! Blah, I hate doing my hair. But, I'd do it for my sister. I wanted to do a loose chignon on the side, but after watching 17 different tutorials and breaking 982 bobby pins, I gave up and wore the mess down.

We all met up to hang with Sara as she got her hair did by Ruthanne.

She went through many stages in the process. This is LION stage.

This is WHAT THE HECK stage.

This is 1970's FABULOUSNESS stage.

This is PERFECTION stage.

The artist and her creation. Ha, makes Sara sound like Frankenbride.

I have zero pictures from the rest of the day (except one), because we were eating, dancing, laughing, and wrangling two very fast rugrats. But I know Eric took some AMAZING pictures and I can't wait to see them. I'll share some with you once Sara gets them. The food was incredible. Catered by the Fish Market. They had a sushi bar. And I normally hate sushi, but I tried some...y'all...oh my word. It was so good. Malinda made the cupcakes. Divine. Audry made the wedding cake. Beautiful.

It was an absolutely perfect day and it makes me thrilled beyond words to see my sister so happy with the man of her dreams. I know he is most definitely the one that completes her and it was an honor to get to be a part of their day. So happy for them! I love you both! Bring me back some Tahitian vanilla. Wear sunscreen!

And Happy Belated Mother's Day to all the Moms!! Y'all rock the world. :)


  1. I cannot believe you stopped the video before the black eyed peas came on... that dancing would have been classic :)

  2. Oh yay yay yay! Thanks for sharing pictures! She and Brian both look so happy! I was thinking about you guys all day weekend b/c I was at my first ev-ah homeschooling conference. That's right.

    Congrats to the happy couple! Hope they are enjoying themselves..!

  3. congrats to sara

    and somebody forgot to tell noah he's too tall to play that part...


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