Friday, May 20, 2011

How To...

Today's topic focuses on several day-to-day activities that we all, at some point, have struggled with and provides a "how-to" guide which directs you down a more efficient path for said activities.


How a supermodel.

The broken down slouch is very popular in high fashion advertising right now. Here, we see how the model uses elbow dimples to make sure her stripey pants are the sole focus of this spread.

Disinterest, apathy, and all-around whateverness is all the rage in Milan.

How to...ride a rocking horse.

First, you mount the horse.

And then go crazy!

How to...exert as little energy as possible and have Daddy pull you around on the rocking horse.

Whine and whine about wanting to be pushed around the yard on the thing until Daddy gives in and hooks a rope up to it.



How to...drink water from a sprinkler.

There are many variations of this...all are accepted as correct.

How to...remove a wedgie.

Reach behind you until you've located the offending undergarment.
Pull out.

If that doesn't work...lift a leg.

How to...properly mount a four-wheeler and thwart a would-be thief.

How to...DANCE!

How to...make Mom and Dad want to hug you and kiss you and squeeze you and pat you and love you and smooch you and call you their own.


  1. Look at those curls!!! So sweet!

  2. Hilarious! Beautiful! Heart-warming!

  3. Oh my goodness. Could they be any cuter? And the dancing video is awesome.

  4. AWESOME PICTURES!!! They are getting SO big!!!! Beautiful girls!


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