Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Poor Herb

You know when there's a story or saying that just gets you every time? There are a few that have me rolling, usually in tears. And I have no idea why...it's not like they're THAT funny. It may have to do with the situation in which you first heard it or someone said it late at night and everybody's deliriously tired late at night. And usually they're not funny to anyone else but you.

Like one time in college (I think I've told y'all this story before), my friend Chelcie was helping me finish an art project and I don't even remember what it was, but we were cutting out squares. It's midnight and we had been sitting in complete silence for awhile and, out of nowhere, she goes, "You know what's so weird about scissors...you can move them at any time." I paused, looked at her, bewildered, and said, "I'm sorry...what?" She responded, "Well, you know...they can go up and down as you cut, but you can move them back and forth whenever you want." I nodded in approval, "That is so true." And then we both fell into a fit of laughter. I still think of that and laugh whenever I'm using scissors.

Another one is that scene in Braveheart where the Irish guy goes, "Wha--that can't be William Wallace! I am prettier than this man!" Gets. me. every. time. I don't know why!

Another one that always makes me chuckle is when somebody, well, rips one...and then somebody else goes, "Hey...listen...you hear them barkin' spiders?" Who even thought of that? But golly, it's funny.

But the one thing that really, really gets me just came about in the past few months. Mom likes to make salads for supper when she's up here helping me with the girls. You know how they have packages of lettuce...romaine, spring mix, iceburg mix, etc. Her favorite is the baby herb mix. One evening, we were fixing our suppers, Mom's quietly adding the lettuce to her bowl, I'm toasting some cinnamon raisin bread. Mom softly ponders as she tosses in the last bit of greenery, "Poor, poor Herb. He was just a baby. He never knew the wonders of this life. Poor Baby Herb." I'm not gonna lie and tell you I didn't wet my pants from laughing so hard, because I did. And now, I can't make a salad without saying, "Poor, poor Herb."

So, I want you to think about that the next time you're making a salad...

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