Tuesday, December 22, 2009

A Typical Monday Night

Last week, my Bible study group decided we wanted to all get together one more time before Christmas because we won't start a new study until maybe February. Brandi and Tris suggested a new restaurant in town that had been open maybe right at a week. So, last night, Tris (bless her) came and picked me up and we met up with Cara and Brandi at this fabulous new joint. Tris, Brandi and I got there a little bit early. We're outside, walking up to the restaurant...the front was floor to ceiling windows...and I hear Tris say something about, "Hey, there's Richard Blais." But, apparently, my brain did not process this information. So, I look through the window and right by the hostess desk is a guy with some super spikey mohawk hair...and I think to myself, "Hey, that looks like the guy from Top Chef...the one that should have won." And then I stop Tris and Brandi and say, "Wait...that IS the guy from Top Chef." And they're like, "Yeah, that's him! This is his restaurant." So, of course, I become all flabbergasted like, "Did y'all know he was going to be here? What is going on? This is craziness!" (I LOVE LOVE LOVE Top Chef and that was my favorite season, btw.)

I'm already all fidgety. And if you know me, you know I don't deal well with celebrity encounters (almost getting hit by Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick's car for example.) I just kind of spaz out. Tris and Brandi, cool as cucumbers, walk into the restaurant straight up to the hostess desk and Richard just stands there smiling, welcoming us in. I'm right behind them...eyes wide, smiling buck-toothed like an idiot, just staring...and Richard just casually asks us, "How was the traffic coming in?" Well, Tris and Brandi explain to him the traffic situation outside and roll into a lovely conversation with Richard about parking and about how he had to park far away and walk and how Tris and I didn't really have a problem getting here, etc. All the while, I'm peering between their shoulders...just laughing and smiling like a goon. I'm also trying to figure out, "Is that really him?" He lost a LOT of weight...and looks great! Anyways. So, he was like, "I'll let you guys get some food and I'll see you in a little bit." Like...we were BFFs.

Well, the hostess told us she couldn't seat us until our entire party arrived, so she had us wait in this little area. All of a sudden, it seemed like the entire city arrived and decided to dine with us...it filled up fast. There were a ton of people around us. The three of us are just chatting about our fun adventure with Richard Blais and lo and behold, we see this spikey hair meandering through the crowd towards us. It's Richard, again. He said, "While you guys are waiting, I brought you an appetizer, on the house. It's tempura fried okra with a white truffle and Ranch dipping sauce. Kind of like a fancy redneck cousin dipping sauce." We all laughed and said "Wow, thank you!" and he started walking away, but came back and said, "Not that I was insinuating you guys have redneck cousins or anything." We laughed and said, "No, yeah, we do." We laughed again...it was a funny night...and he headed back toward the kitchen. Gosh...that okra...that dipping sauce...gracious alive...amazing.

Cara arrived shortly after and we told her about everything and how he was like our best friend now. She tried some of the okra and we stood around and talked some more. We were waiting for a booth because they were more comfortable and quiet than the family style table in the middle of the restaurant. And, it took a little while to be seated...but Richard kept coming back to the hostess desk asking why we hadn't been seated yet. Aw, he loved us. Finally, we were seated...we ordered our food and kept chatting. Well, I'll be...Richard comes back and asks how everything is. We asked him about what burger was his favorite...what side was his favorite...he said, "Well, it's all good. And my favorites change all the time." He gave us a few recommendations. Then, we asked him about the N2 milkshakes. The ones on the menu for that night were foie gras (blended duck liver), pistachio and white truffle, s'mores, and Krispy Kreme. Cara, I think, said she was "intrigued" by the foie gras milkshake and he really liked that. So, we asked him to explain it to us...like, did it really taste like duck liver. And it was like we were Padme, Tom Colicchio and what's her face (the slightly annoying one)...he told us allll about the tastes of the shake and that it was like almond and vanilla and milk...and the liver just added to the fat of the milkshake. So, we told him we would try it and he said if Cara didn't like it, he'd bring her something else. (Oh, and this whole time, I was like vomit gagging all over him...just staring and smiling. I interjected a few words and sentences, but most of them made no sense.)

We get our food...OH. MY. WORD. I ate my whole sandwich...I got a Po Boyger (tee hee)...it was...well, amazing. All of our food was incredible. These perfect little gourmet burgers and sides.
Also, during this time...the girls are explaining the whole how this restaurant came to town. Well, former football player Jay Barker and his new wife, country singer Sara Evans asked Richard to build one and they would finance it. Cara mentioned something like, "There are a few kids here..." jokingly adding, "I wonder if they're Jay and Sara's kids." Then, we notice that they're playing normal music, but on the big screens behind the bar, there was some CMT stuff going on. We thought that was odd, because it wasn't really a country kind of place. Then she goes, "Wait...I think they really are here." Sho nuff...seated right a little ways down from us sits Sara Evans and Jay Barker. And how about Sara had the cutest hot pink purse. And yes, those were their kids.

We get our milkshakes...I got s'mores, Tris got pistachio and white truffle, and Cara got foie gras. And we all shared. You know what...they were GOOD! I mean...REALLY GOOD. Of course the s'mores was good...graham crackers at the bottom, incredibly rich chocolate, toasted marshmallows...what's not to love. The pistachio was delicious. And the foie gras...who would have thunk? Very very yummy.
This is Cara trying the foie gras.
"Hey...it's not too bad, actually. Rarraraghagharrahg, it's delicious!"
On the way out, Richard rushed to the front and shook our hands goodbye. Of course, the ONE TIME I don't bring my camera...I asked the hostess to take our picture with my phone. I asked, "Would you take a picture with us?" He said, "I would absolutely love that! But I get to be in the middle." He even held the door for us. So sweet. So, here we are...L to R...Tris, Cara, Richard, Brandi and GIANT MEGARUTH.
It was a great night! So much fun! When I got home, I just threw up everywhere...so much pent-up excitement. (jk) But yeah, if you are related to someone famous or just know someone famous...don't introduce me to them. I will literally lick them, steal something from them or do something ridiculous. I can't help it.


  1. Look how cute you look! So stylish for 9 months preg-o! Good for you!

  2. I'm sooo jealous! Seriously, what a fun night! We went to the press opening last week and I had a Krispy Kreme shake and a couple of the burgers. It was fantastic. We'll all have to go back soon!


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