Sunday, September 11, 2011


As you know, there's a new movie out called Contagion. It's basically kind of like Outbreak or any of those "one person gets sick and then everybody else gets sick and everybody starts dying and there's no cure" type of movies. Those movies scare the bejeebers out of me. I don't watch them. I did watch Outbreak with ole Dustin Hoffman, but that was the last one. And I will watch zombie movies. But you couldn't pay me to see Contagion. I'm such a germphobe and it would just magnify my issues.

And Contagion came out just in time for me to get sick. For the past week, I've had a scratchy throat. More of an annoyance than anything else. It was fairly easy to ignore. Every day this week, I either took the girls for a walk on the trail because the weather was amazing or I would do my "beginner" Pilates workout. I bought this Pilates DVD and it said "for beginners"...such a lie. Y'all, it is crazy. I'm DYING by the end of it. Or, maybe it IS for beginners and that's how out of shape I am. Hmm...hadn't thought of that. Either way, it wears me out. By Friday, I was glad it was Friday. Then, that night, I started getting the aches...then the chills...then my skin hurt...then my head and shoulders hurt...great.

Saturday morning, I was feeling better and I had a hair appointment with Sara Beth. By the end of it, I was starting to feel less than 100% again. I slept most of the afternoon. Woke up, felt better again. We went and looked at a house. Blah, felt gross again.

All day Saturday. All day Sunday. I couldn't get warm one second and then I was burning up the next. My fever never got higher than 101.6, though, and my throat was never excruciatingly painful, so Dad ruled out strep.

Poor, sweet David did everything. He took care of the girls and me the whole weekend. Surprisingly, none of them got sick. Dad said it would probably be yesterday or today that they started getting sick if they caught it, but so far, so good. Fingers crossed.

I took a few cold showers to help my fever go down and it made me feel sooooo much better. I snuggled up in my winter pajamas and had 57 blankets on top of me last night. In the middle of the night, I woke up and was drenched in sweat. Finally, my fever broke. I woke up this morning feeling worlds better. Still not 100%, but night and day compared to yesterday. My wonderful, amazing mother left her house at 4 a.m. to be here this morning to help me today, because I didn't want to take any chances with the girls since David obviously had to head back to work today. She is a fabulous lady and I'm so grateful she's here with me today.

The worst part of being sick isn't feeling's the fact that no one wants to be near you. I mean, you can't blame them, but's like I had leprosy. I felt so alone.

Ruth: Sweetheart, why are you getting out that blanket?
David: I'm gonna take a nap since the girls are asleep.
Ruth: Well, just use my blanket that I was using.
David: I don't wanna. You were touching it.

David: Your mom called and suggested I run to the store to get you some masks and gloves so you can handle the girls in the morning until she gets here.

Ruth: Hugs, do you want me to fix you supper?
David: Uhm...thanks...I can fix it. I'd rather you not touch the food.

Ruth: I'm gonna take a shower really fast.
David: Okay. Just put your sick clothes on the floor, I'll wrap them in a towel and take them to the laundry.


  1. Aw, man! Finally saw this after the tweet. You definitely had it worse than me! But my husband wasn't around to witness it. He was at a football game. Kiddo and I suffered alone. So he kinda does deserve to have it now. ;)

  2. Miserable! I had the flu last winter, and I was quarantined for four days. It was no fun.

    I also will not be seeing Contagion. I know that it would send me over the edge.


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