Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Conversations at the Beach

I swear I'll get those pictures up. I keep saying I will and I feel like I'm unintentionally hyping it up to be this amazing picture post, but it's just pictures of the beach. Seagulls. Sandpipers. Dunes. Water. My feet. It's nothing special. But I WILL get them up.

Traveling with my parents is always an adventure. They're two peas in a pod. Although, Dad is fairly quiet unless you get him talking about something he's REALLY interested World War II or the Civil War or space or technology and then it's like, "Dad...come on. There are other channels besides the 'What Happened 100 Years Ago When Lots O' People Died' channel. Like HGTV. House Hunters International is on. Let's go there." Mom is a little more, hmmm, chatty. Not a Chatty Cathy, just she'll tell it like it is. That's where I get it from.

But, just hearing their conversations with each other is better than a lot of reality TV shows.

One afternoon, I was laying out, on the verge of a good sun nap when Mums and Pops stroll up with their beach chairs and umbrellas and plop right near me. This was their conversation. Prepare to be captivated...

Mom: I'm not a very good beach reader.

Dad: Uh huh.

Mom: It's always so bright. The's so bright.

Dad: Uh huh.

But, with your sunglasses's too dark. It's either too bright or too dark. I just can't read on the beach.

Uh huh.

I mean, I want to read this magazine. But, I can't. It's too bright. Or it's too dark.

I know what you mean.

I think I'll try my sunglasses again.

I think I'll put mine on, too.

I guess it's not too dark.

Oh well.


I forgot these sunglasses aren't bifocals.

Oh, shoot.

Want to walk down to the inlet?


I mean...this is good stuff. I was holding onto every word...waiting with bated breath. Here's another conversation we had...the context was hair styles.

Ruth: Yeah, a new thing is to get feather extensions. They're super cute.

Mom: I've seen those. You would like them, wouldn't you? I dunno. Feathers? If I want a bird in my hair, I'll go to the zoo.

Ruth: Don't be a hater. I like them.

Mom: I guess they're cute in longer hair. You know...I think I'll get some hair extensions. Your dad should get hair extensions. Hey, should get hair extensions and then let's put feathers in them. Or corn rows! Or some Jamaican beads. Aw, wouldn't that be cute.

Dad: I'm not getting hair extensions.

And another...

Mom: Okay, do we want to shop now and then go eat or skip eating out, and eat here at the condo...we could order something? And maybe get a big breakfast in the morning. What do y'all want to do? Wait, we could eat brunch right now, go shopping, then go out to eat. Sound good?

Ruth/Dad: Sure.

Mom: No, wait. Let's eat breakfast here, go for a walk, then go shopping, then let's eat out. What do y'all want to do? Let's eat here.

Ruth/Dad: What?

Mom: No. Let's go shopping now, eat lunch out. Then order something here, then eat a big breakfast tomorrow.

Ruth/Dad: Okay, fine, whatever is good with us.

Mom: Wait. Let's not go shopping until tomorrow and just stay here today. Is that okay?

Ruth/Dad: That is good.

Mom: No, let's go shopping today and eat out and still eat a big breakfast, but let's go for a walk first. Yes. Let's do that....(pause), let's not do that. Let's...

Ruth/Dad: MOM!/SANDRA!

Mom: Okay. Let's go shopping, eat out, and eat a brunch tomorrow morning, yes?

Ruth/Dad: We will be here right here when you finish this conversation with yourself. Just let us know when you're done.

Mom: I've got it...let's......

That's really how it went. I'm so serious. And then Mom always comments on how tall some people are and I don't think she realizes that she's not whispering. She'll be like, "Good gracious, look how tall that man is. Wow!" I'm like, "Mooooooom!"

I can already hear you now, Mom..."Well, if you're just going to make fun of me on your blog, I'm not going to talk anymore, ever." You know I love you. Hey, remember how that neighbor you thought was a woman was really a man and I was right? Those were good times.

Okay, David's telling me I have to get off the computer because we were up all night last night and I need to sleep and he's so bossy, but sweet and thoughtful and he has on a t-shirt that says, "I love my wife." So, g'night. This was the most random post ever.

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