Tuesday, September 6, 2011

War Eagle?

First, I wanted to say "thank you!" for the sweet, kind comments. Y'all encourage me more than you know. Really. It means a lot. So, thank you! And hugs!

And I'll do a photography "tutorial" ASAP! Ha...I say "tutorial" and y'all are gonna get mad because it's going to be like,"Find the clicker button that takes pictures, and click it." I really don't know a lot. I can tell you what settings I use most for different lighting situations. And I have my favorite cameras, but as you can see in the pictures below...there's a lot of blurry shots (it's hard to capture an object moving at warp speed). I'm not great with posed pictures. I don't know how to stage things well. So, I try to go for more candid shots. But, I'll show you what I do laters potaters. Well, at least what I try to do...

This weekend was a lot of fun visiting with family. We got to meet baby Tinsley for the first time. SO SWEET and adorbs. A head full of strawberry blonde hair. Love it!

David and I got to have a date day on Sunday while Mums and Pops kept the gnomes for us.

The girls had a blast. They love running in the front field. Wide open space. Kitty kitties. And Auburn cheerleading uniforms.

I would like to state for the record that David and I did not authorize nor do we condone the wearing of these uniforms. And I would also like to submit that my children cannot be held accountable for this travesty as they have no say in the clothes they wear. This was their grandmother's doing. She is an Auburn fan. And may God have mercy on her soul.

Runs like a cheerleader.


She's at the 40...the 30...look at this, she's gonna go all the way! 20...10...


Aw, man...I forgot what I was doing. Where am I? And WHAT am I wearing?

Gray Cat, Papaw, Harper...three troublemakers if I ever saw 'em.

Silly Poppadoc, cheerleaders don't climb trees.

Let's do this...PYRAMID! I'll take the bottom row.

I know I'm not the only one who just saw a headless Tiger run through the woods. Right...RIGHT?!

Uncle Pete teaches Piper Lee about long days at the hospital.

On a mission...don't stop me.

Blood makes the grass grow...KILL! KILL!

Fell down and scraped her knee. :(

The lone leader of cheers...

Run, Flea, Run! Vicious cat-eating cheerleaders on the loose!

Btw, I'm not a sicko. The "blood makes the grass grow" was a real cheer in college. I had to confirm with others that that's what they were saying. Pretty awesome, right. They didn't mess around.


  1. please show these to zack so that we can watch him get mad. hilarity.

  2. those mighty women look mighty fine in orange and blue!


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