Friday, September 3, 2010

Ice Creamy Cakey Cake

I had a FABULOUS birthday! Why can't every day be your birthday, you know. Well, when we got married, David and I implemented "Birthweek." It's your birthday for a week. So, technically, according to the rules, it's still my birthday and it's Friday! And I have a really bad sore throat. Sore throats are the dumbest. I don't know where it came from. David hasn't been sick. None of my other boyfriends that I kiss on have been sick. I'm guessing it might have something to do with the fact that my hair was wet the night before last when I went to bed and the fan was set to the Jet Engine level. I dunno. Anyways. It's my Birthweek!

I really have to thank my parents for having me near a holiday, Labor Dabor. No matter what, I always get a day off for my birthday. Sometimes it's on my birthday, but at least it's always within a few days. And we're going shopping! In addition to the delectable goodies and super cheesy/hilarious card about vampires Hugs set out on my desk Wednesday morning...

...that night, he surprised me with a box filled with gift cards to my favorite places.

BEST. GIFT. Oh my gosh, I'm so excited. All of my fave places, but I get to do the shopping. Double prize! It's going to be a good weekend. Thank you, dearest, for a very wonderful birthday.

So, the ice cream cake. It's pretty easy...

You make the cake should probably bake it at a certain temperate for a certain amount of time. I will have you know that this is the first time in the history of me that I have not licked the bowl. This whole stupid egg scare going on. I figured I might better not, just this once. I don't have time to be sick right now. It took all of the will power I had not to do it, but I succeeded...and in the process, proved to myself that I can...Ruth, YOU CAN do anything.

Raw cake part. We used a...oh my gosh, what is it's not German chocolate cake. Is there a Dutch chocolate cake? No, that doesn't sound right. It was some sort of chocolate Duncan Hines cake mix. Maybe it was German chocolate...I dunno. Whatever.

Then you bake it.

Then you dump out the cakes (we made a round one and rectangular one) and wrap them in plastic wrap and dump them in the freezer. And line the same pans with plastic wrap and fill with ice cream.

Sure, you can make your own, but why would you when the stores have them already made. We used Breyer's Vanilla Bean...ha, like there's any other kind of vanilla. You spread it around and dump in the freezer and let it consider the consequences of its actions. (Don't do that to your kids, though.)

David makes this amazing buttercream icing. It's incredible. I don't know the recipe. I think its: A lot of butter. A lot of powdered sugar. Vanilla extract. Heavy cream maybe? More butter. So delicious.

I wanted to color it lime green. Well, we didn't have a lot of yellow and eventually ran out of green, so it ended up like an Easter cake. A delicious Easter cake.

Then, you take your layers out of the freezer, because they learned their lesson, and stack them.

Spread your icing.

VOILA! It won't be one of the most beautiful things you've ever seen, but it will be one of the most tasty. You have to spread fast because the ice cream starts hardening the icing.

Ice creamy cakey cake!

Yay for birthdays and cakes!

And I got the three best presents of all.

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  1. So glad you had a great birthday! David did good :)
    I love the last two pictures of him and the girls! So presh


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