Monday, September 20, 2010

Not Really A Post

I had these grand intentions of writing a gazillion blog posts this weekend and posting them every day, but what, with all the sleeping and shopping and caramel making and freelancing and forgetting to do stuff I needed to do and watching movies with David and playing with the twins, I didn't get it done. You know when you feel like you haven't had a break in awhile, and when you finally do, you want to do all of the things you haven't gotten to do? Yeah, that was this weekend. It was a nice break. Sometimes, I get so tired of looking at my computer, that I want to put a towel over it. But that'd be weird and someone might think it was a ghost.

Ha...Paper! Snow! A GHOST!......Maybe someone will get that.

I have a few questions...

Coffee drinkers, if I start drinking coffee, will I be forever addicted? I have GOT to have something that gets me through the day because by about 3:41 p.m., I am a zombie. But I for reals don't want to have to drink it on the weekends. Today, I am drinking my first cup of real coffee (when I was pregnant, I had decaf because I was like I HAD TO HAVE THE TASTE OF COFFEEE NOW! RAWWWWWR!). My freshman year, a friend dared me to give up caffeine through the end of the semester to see if I could do it. I went through the end of...well, I'm still going. I take dares very seriously. I accept almost every dare (the reasonable ones...I can't fly or teleport [yet]). I miss Dr. Peppers and sweet tea. But, I gotta have something (twins at home, working full-time). I just had a steaming mug of straight, black instant. It was...bitter. But, I did it. It was like Fear Factor. And actually, I feel stronger now. I feel so...ALIVE. I intended this to be a one-sentence question and see what's happened?? COFFEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! But seriously, if I miss a day of drinking it, I'm not going to get a huge headache, right? I'm only going to have one cup a day. I need to put on some deodorant.

Next question.
When babies start pulling up to standing and letting go, how soon before they start walking and do I need to get padding for them? Like, football padding.

Next question.
Harper discovered the outlets. After repeatedly telling her "no" pretty firmly, and her flapping her arms around and kicking her legs in infant tantrum mode, we decided it was time to baby proof the house. So, we got outlet covers and put them around the house yesterday. A little bit ago, I find her sitting in front of one of her beloved outlets, tapping on the cover, looking up at me pleading, "Please. Remove." I looked down and said, "Suckah!" Does that make me a bad Mom? Maybe that was the caffeine talking.

Whew...this coffee stuff is crazy! I feel like I'm typing really fast. At the speed of light. Last time I typed super fast, I had two babies a few hours later.

Playing with dolls creeps me out just a little bit, but the girls love it. Piper Lee especially. I think it's because I'm really creeped out about the idea of a turkey or chicken that's about to be, this...
walking around. I mean, what the mess. There was this old Disney of the old school ones...and the raw turkey comes alive and starts chasing Donald or Mickey or somebody. It has a hat and scarf on. I can't remember 100%. Ever since then, raw turkeys and chickens scare me. And dolls remind me of that. Weird, I know. Maybe I shouldn't drink coffee.

Piper Lee has discovered a new friend in the mirror.

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  1. ok...please forgive my following sales pitch. But this stuff works.
    caffeine problem? Here's your fix:

    Fruit Punch Spark. Seriously. 1 glass is 45 calories and it has a bunch of good vitamins in it for you and it gives me the energy to get throughout the day. I drink it with breakfast and it is got me off drinking diet dr peppers everyday!!

    Katherine Ball


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