Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Haha, I's just kiddin'. Well, we went to the doctor yesterday, and after witnessing a fabulous drama unfold at the reception desk between an incredibly rude receptionist and completely distraught mother, we found out that Piper Lee had, basically, a huge infected zit. Awesome.

He took a look at it and decided to pop it. Blegh. I waited over in the corner while David held her down and Dr. Reminds took a needle to it. If it were anyone other than one of my kids, I totally would have watched. He got some of the pus (extra blegh) and sent it off to the lab to make for sure it wasn't the "bad" staph or MRSA. He said babies getting these "boils" (that's like, a Biblical term) was really common. I feel like they say that about everything, though. "Yes, it's extremely common for babies to have 27 toes." Who knows. But, he prescribed her an antibiotic, just in case...so, now Pipes is on the drugs for 10 days. My little user. The difference from last night and this morning is remarkable, so I'm happy about that. Poor gal...not even a teenager and already dealing with zits.

I stopped by Walgreens on the way home to pick up her prescription and David took the girls on to the house (he was able to get off work and meet me at the doctor's office...praise God for an understanding employer). I took the paper up to the pharmacy window and the guy was super nice and said he'd have it ready in a second. That was fine. I needed to get a few things anyway. That "second" turned into 20 minutes. I got bored and took some pictures.

School supplies...one of my top 5 favorite things. I CANNOT WAIT for the girls' first day of school. Not that I'm wanting to rush their childhood...I'm just saying I'm really looking forward to shopping for school supplies.

Why? I mean...why? Here's the deal...inflatables are fine. Our neighbors own stock in the inflatable industry. You know, our neighborhood is considered the Inflatable Capital of the World starting football season through December 31. But this cat is ginormous and will come alive and eat your house.

I've never tried Bumpits (which looks like "Armpits" to me) and I'm sure they work fine, but you have to admit...their commercials are ridiculous.

So, I'm about to winterize my hair. During the Fall/Winter, I just go au natural, no highlights. I add highlights around April because, then, it's like, "Oh, Ruth...you've been to the islands." "Why, yes. I have." Except now you all know that I was not at the islands. Oh well. But I've been thinking about adding some colored streaks this Fall/Winter. Did you see the latest Anthropologie magazine? The one with the horses. There's a model with colored streaks in her hair and it looks awwweeessssoooommmeeeee. So, I'm gonna (try to) do it. On the box, it says "for subtle highlights, add to unbleached hair" and that's what I'm going to do.

I was about to take a picture of some questionable children's costumes until an equally questionably creepy store employee rounded the corner and said, "Are you ready to check out?" I realized I probably looked mildly suspicious walking around for 20 minutes with the same items in my hand, taking pictures with my phone. "No...no...I just like to keep inventory of the store," I said. Actually, I told her I was waiting on a prescription to be filled and then I remembered MY PRESCRIPTION! I've been here for a decade, where is my dadgum medicine? So, I went back to the counter and made myself obvious. The pharmacist was like, "OH! Ma'am! I'm so sorry. Your order is ready. I forgot to page you. I'm horrible about forgetting to page people." Well...hmmm...maybe we should work on that. He was nice, though.

So, Pipes is fine. Thank you all SO much for your prayers. We go back again next week for their 9-month appointment. Mrs. Micki, I was gonna see if you wanted us to stop by on Tuesday. Will you be there? You've kept your end of the deal with the Firebeard secret. Hehe.

While we waited for Dr. Reminds, Piper Lee performed a little number for us.
And that's why her Indian name is Galloping Horse.

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