Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Labor Day!

So, this weekend was wonderful. Saturday morning, we got up and relaxed and took turns going back to sleep while the other watched the girls. Ah, perfect. Then, we met our buds Wes, Audry and Megan at the botanical gardens because it was 83 DEGREES OUTSIDE! WHAAAAAAAT? We walked around for a few hours and enjoyed the amazing weather. There were four weddings going on, so we spied on those a little bit. I didn't get a ton of pictures, mainly because I kept forgetting to take them. There's a Japanese garden section and they have a big pond with I guess koi fish. They just look like ginormous goldfish to me. Audry took Megan to see the fish and they were "as big as me!!"

The rock whisperer.

In the it both? I know in Clue, it's the conservatory. Is that the same thing? I guess conservatories are smaller. Anyways, in the big glass building that has a bunch of plants, there's this boardwalk that's fairly high. Megan wanted to go, so Audry took her. I followed just to check it out, too. Y'all, it's scary up there. And the boards seemed a little wobbly, so it didn't instill much confidence. My slight acrophobia made a little appearance and I slinked on back down the stairs.

Hey, whoever smelt it, dealt it, kiddo.

There was this ancient Japanese bell and if you rang it, you would awaken the ancestors from their slumber. We told the boys to leave it alone, because we didn't want to fight Samurais that day.

Aw, sweet guys pushing all the ladies.

Yay for the gardens!!

Afterwards, we went to a nearby candy store to get some Bequet Celtic sea-salted caramels. Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood. We like-a the candy.

Saturday late afternoon, we went for a walk on the trail.

Went shopping all Sunday afternoon. Shopping wears us out. We went to the mall and to the shoe store. I gave them each a shoe to hold and they loved them. Ah, girls after my own heart.

Monday morning, sweet Hugs watched the girls while I went shopping by myself to spend a little birthday money. I had such a blast. Even though I missed David and the girls the whole time. Ha, you always want just a little time to yourself every now and then and when you get it, you spend it missing being with them. But I had a good time and got some fabulous new clothes for the Fall. We went swimming Monday afternoon. And yes, I realize they look like little boys, but what's the point of putting a baby in a swimsuit in your own back yard. I mean, honestly. They had on swimmie diapers and the pool is shaded, so I figured that was enough.

We shared our toys like very sweet girls.

I was sad to see the long weekend over. I vote every Monday should be some sort of holiday. I'm sure we could get plenty of people to sign that petition. Hope everyone had a great Labor Day!

Since Harper crawls everywhere now, I put some pants on her to help with the chaffed knees. And these were the only ones I had that were light enough for warm weather, but thick enough to help against bumps and bruises. I think they're 12-18 months. They look like genie pants.

Piper Lee vs. the Doll

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