Monday, September 27, 2010

Monday, I Wanna Punch You In The Face.

So, I had planned a huge big post this morning, but I'm too distraught to do anything. We found a bump on Piper Lee's leg on Saturday (up high) and thought "Hmmm...maybe mosquito bite??" Yesterday, it was still the same. I kept Aquaphor, the wonder stuff, on it and kept it biggie. But this morning, it's more red and a little warm to the touch and is kind of like a hard knot. So, we're taking her to the doctor as soon as the office opens. All of my immediate medical personnel are away today, OF ALL DAYS! Mom and Dad are finishing up a cruise on the West Coast. They're in San Diego today. And Sara is up in Chicargo.

I am actually sick to my stomach because, it's like, it's your baby, you know. And watch it be a mosquito bite that got irritated, and I pray that's all it is. But then I'm like, what if it's MRSA? Or what if a spider laid eggs in her leg? Or what if aliens implanted a tracking device? I could sit here and drain an abscess from my own arm (ooooh, that's sooo grosss! I would never actually do that), but the thought of my sweet girl being in any pain or discomfort at all makes me want to throw up. And she seems totally fine. She's in there talking to an elephant right now. Not a real elephant...they're not allowed inside...but she seems completely happy. Ugh, still. I want today to be over. Mondays should be illegal in all 50 states and the world.

I'll let you guys know tomorrow how it goes. Please pray I'm just freaking out over nothing.


  1. praying for you and your little one!

  2. Hope all is well! I'm sure if it was really bothering her she would definitely let you know... Good luck!

  3. Praying for you and your sweet girl.

  4. Oh I'm so sorry! I completely understand though. It would freak me out too. I would probably throw up. Okay, so I'm zero help, but know that as another mommy I understand.


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