Monday, June 20, 2011

Boo, The Weekend's Ovah

(swinging watch...monotonous tone) You are getting veeeery sleepy. You were probably already sleepy because it's Monday morning. But, still...the hypnotic effect of my hynopsis technique is making you veeeery sleepy. There is nothing different about Ruth's blog. It is still the same boring white background and static header. Listen to my voice...uh...typing...nothing is different. And if you live in England, send Ruth some Cadbury Eggssssssssss........

So, obviously there are some changes to the blog. It's not done yet. I had to "put it down" because my eyeballs were starting to bleed and I was about to send hate mail to the creator of HTML and XML and their kin folk. The changes you see thus far are HOURS of coding. Anybody who knows anything about coding could have probably done it in about 20 minutes or less. But for me, having coded ONE website in took a little longer. And those of you who use Blogger probably have updated their site to the new templates and are wondering why this has been such an ordeal. I'm still on the 100 year old template, hence all the coding. I'm going to upgrade to the new one, but it's going to take forever to plug in all of my changes to the new XML code. And right now, I'm just holding on to what little bit of sanity I have left because I felt some sense of accomplishment making it this far.

Right click on the background and choose "View Source"...that's what I've been staring at...a.k.a. bleeding eyeballs. BUT, once you kind of get the hang of it, you feel empowered. I can type in letters and numbers and symbols...MWAH HA evil planned is coming together... I don't know what that plan is. Well, no, first, it's to finish the stupid blog. Maybe take over the world after that, I dunno. I haven't thought that far ahead.

If anybody knows an easy way (or a way at all) to transfer a lot of my personalized coding to the new Blogger templates, will you email me? An iTunes gift card awaits you...

Saturday late afternoon, I was headed out...neighbors parked in the cul-de-sac, loading or unloading stuff again. Just one car this time. The grandparents were there and the wife. I waved and said hello. The wife, taking a long draw on a cigarette, responded with a peppy, "Hey girl! How them babies?"

"Oh, good, good! They're a mess, running everywhere."

"I need to come and see them!"

"Yes, you should! Come anytime. We're always home! Hey, how come you guys don't really live there anymore? We've been watching you through our windows and have noticed the grandparents with the little blonde boy going in and out of the garage. And we've been snooping around, peeking through your windows to see if we could see anything. What is going on?"

I really didn't say those last few sentences. But, it's. so. weird. right?? They're there on the weekends, randomly unloading and loading stuff. But during the week, nobody is ever there.

We've come to the conclusion that someone has bought the house from them directly and there was no big sale or showing...seems like someone in the family, maybe the grandparents. But there's the little blonde boy always around, too, and we've never seen him before. Maybe he's a ghost. Bleh, little kid ghosts are the worst.


Yesterday was Father's Day, duh. Happy Father's Day, dads! I'm so thankful for my Dad. He and his beard are pretty fantastic. I love you, Daddy. And I'm so thankful for Hugs, who is an amazing father to our girls. I couldn't have imagined a more perfect man to journey through parenthood with. I love you, baby. I'm also thankful for my wonderful father-in-law...the best storyteller I know. I love you, Papa. My grandfathers, Papaw and Papaw, you guys are the majority of the reason I'm #1, a good liar and #2, a little spoiled. Y'all rock my world. I love you both. And my sweet uncles...y'all are the reason #1, I'm a good fighter and #2, why football bewilders me. Thanks for giving me so much inside info about Mom and Dad. I've used it to my advantage. I love you guys.

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  1. Your blog is looking really good. I coded a webpage in college too. Nuff said.

    I have a true (and embarrassing) story about spying on neighbors. While we were building our current house, we lived with my husband's parents for 6 months. One day, my father-in-law was looking out the kitchen window, and he was all like "that is not her husband!". And so being nosy I was like "who's not whose husband?". Anyway, the neighbor across the street was cheating on her poor husband (who just so happened to be my high school health teacher). It was sickening, but we all got to the point where we were watching like a bad soap opera. At one point we were like "should we tell him?" But that would've been really weird and we hardly knew the guy. Anyway, he figured it out. I'm not sure why I admitted that as it is 1. pathetic and 2. a little psycho that I watched the whole thing.


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