Thursday, June 16, 2011

Iz Frudah, Y'all!!

So, first of all, Courtney and Allison...your locked out stories cracked me up. I definitely need to hide two keys. Okay, Courtney, are you serious? That guy really did that? I can't even believe that. I am flabbergasted. I hope one day, he gets pregnant, and gets locked out of the the dead of a wool suit.

Speaking of neighbors...NEIGHBOR UPDATE. Okay, so, you guys...this past Saturday morning at like 4 a.m., Piper Lee woke up and was calling out. And the only reason I got up to get her is because she's teething all four incisors at the same time and those bad boys hurt, so, I got her and held her in the living room. As she was settling back to sleep, I heard the deep rumble from the neighbor's diesel truck. It had been a long time since we heard that. Piper Lee drifted off, I laid her down, then went to the guest bedroom and peeked out the window. Sure enough, their truck! I thought it was kind of early to be scuttling about on a Saturday morning, but whatever, it was 4:30 a.m. and I was going back to bed. Around 7:30 a.m., when we were all awake and getting ready to head to the lake, we heard the truck roar to life again. David rushed to the was the wife loading stuff into the back of the truck. She drove off.

Odd? We thought the same thing. Why would she be loading stuff into her truck for three hours so early in the morning and then leaving. We thought they might be avoiding people seeing them. THEN, Saturday afternoon, four cars, including the truck, pull into the cul-de-sac and their driveway. It was the husband, wife, both kids, the grandparents, a brother, and a little blonde-haired boy. We recognized the grandparents from past visits. The husband and brother were loading stuff into the back of the truck. All in broad daylight, so no hiding. We thought for sure they were moving. But then, we notice people unloading stuff from the other three cars and carrying it INTO the house through the garage, including a large chair, some plants, books, random boxes, small children's toys. Nothing was in moving boxes or large containers. All handfuls of random stuff. But, all going into the house. And yes, you can picture David and I peering out the window like Jimmy Stewart in Rear Window, because that's exactly what we were doing...sans binoculars...and a broken leg...and Grace Kelly. Well, no, I was Grace Kelly, I guess. Shucks. And David was Jimmy. Okay, so JUST like Rear Window.

After about two hours or so of loading the truck with bicycles, a grill, and a chest, and unloading the cars, they all left. And that was the last we've seen of them.

So, we were wondering...what if the grandparents are moving IN with them to help offset the costs? If so, where are they? Or, maybe the grandparents are moving in in place of the family to help save the house from being foreclosed on? We can't figure it out. Once again, not that it's any of our business. But, they were only there for a couple of hours, not long enough to set anything up or really move anything in. And the TV is still gone. And why was the wife there so early Saturday morning loading up the truck? So...I dunno. That's my neighbor gossip for the week.


  1. Ruth - My husband was so mad that I think he called the city. I just look back and think what an idiot.

    Your neighbor stories crack me up. Mostly because I'm the nosiest human being alive and would be doing the exact same thing.

  2. probably were taking their stuff and putting other stuff so no one would notice :)... all in all it's a weird situation!


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