Wednesday, June 8, 2011


OH MY GOSH, YOU GUYS...I AM GOING INSANE! I'm afraid you will forever be stuck with my white background. Seriously. LIKE, SERIOUSLY.

I have looked through so much CSS and HTML and STUPID and DUMB and PMS and IHATECODING that I'm never going to get my new design up. Let's all take a moment to come to the realization that Bogue & Weejer will, for all eternity, have a white background...that's it. (moment of silence.......................) Okay, as long as we all accept that.

No, for real, one day, it'll be up and y'all will be like, "'s okay." And then I'll be like, "LOOK AT IT!!!! LOOK AT THE BEAUTY THAT IS THIS BLOG! I coded this suckah!" But until then...white background...and my angst...and ellipses. Goodnight.

Who came up with CSS and HTML? It makes no sense. Just some nerds (I apologize if you're a computer genius...I'm very flustered right now. I don't mean to lash out at you. Please don't take it personally.) who were like, "Hey, this will be super confusing...huh huh...snort. Let's do it! So, are we playing Dungeons and Dragons later tonight, cuz I gotta be home by 9pm?" Cascading Style Sheets?? What, are we programming for Martha Stewart? Her Egyptian cotton sheets aren't good enough, she needs stylish cascading sheets now? What? You make no sense! I just want to place two images...TWO IMAGES! Okay, for real goodnight.

TWO!!! IMAGES!!! WHYYYYYYY??????? WHHHHhhhyyyyyy...sob sob sob...

Oh, dude, Jocelyn...we totally took your advice (y'alls comments made me laugh, btw) and went to check on our neighbors. They're totally gone. We peeked through the windows (EEECK!) and their TV is gone and piles of stuff by the front door. I think they're gone for good. It makes me sad because they were good neighbors and their kids were so sweet. Sigh....................................I CALL DIBS ON THEIR BOAT, SHANE!


  1. I tried to do my own background, design, whatever, for like 10 minutes. Then my husband said something about coding. And it was all white noise from there. I'll stick with what I have.

  2. Well, at least you know now and you get to eat the cookies you made. :) That is sad that they left like that. Sometimes people do that when they feel they have no way out of the debt they are in.

    Sorry about your coding issues. I am pondering starting a blog and the whole coding thing has me a bit nervous.

  3. Girl, I am having the SAME problems. I want "PAGES" added....but you've got switch to HTML....does that stand for Hotmail? Anyway, I want DDD on ONE page and to be able to do my HIMYD parts on OTHER pages....and I don't want anything on the sides....and I'm getting FRUSTRATED. So thank you for venting our computer illiteracy to the world. :)


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