Thursday, June 2, 2011

Bizzy, Bizzy Weekend

This weekend was soooooooo much fun and all we did was hang out, go to the zoo, and relax. By golly, it was hot, so we swam a lot, too.

David and I try to fix real meals on the weekend for the two of us after the girls go to bed. Saturday night, we made lettuce wraps. I loooooove me some lettuce wraps. We used iceburg lettuce leaves and I'm sure there's a more proper type of lettuce or greenery to use, but that's what we got. I wrapped mine, David wrapped his. Mine looked like a pair of raccoons wrapped it. David's looked like he got his wrapped at Tiffany's. At least they tasted the same.

Oh, and we're not really that tan in real life. The contrast on my monitor was too high and I had already put the color in before I realized that.

Sunday, David and I celebrated our seven year wedding anniversary! So happy being married to that guy. Looking forward to the next 70, baby!

We decided to take the girls to the zoo since they had never been. It was 1000 degrees (as in, A THOUSAND), but thankfully, there were a lot of indoor (a.k.a. air conditioned) exhibits. We went to the petting zoo, which they adored.

We went to the butterfly garden.

We met two very blasé lions on the road.

Then, we got to see a REAL lion! (Kithy kithy)

We saw another big kithy kithy.

"Love that kitty kitty, Harper. He's a sweet kitty, but we don't pet the stripey kind."

We saw these little weasel things. The girls loved them. They kept running back and forth in front of the glass.

I'm having trouble with the underlining, so just ignore it.

We took a picture with an elephant.

Squirrel monkeys.


Plamingos. It's more fun to say "plamingos."

We went mining for gold in Australia.

We finished up the day with a carousel ride.

Post zoo crash. All in all, it was a success. I definitely think we won't go again until the Fall. Entirely too hot.

When we got home, we had supper outside and swam for a bit.

For dinner, since it was our anniversary, David grilled us some steaks and shkrimp and I made bacon wrapped asparagus and a white cheese sauce with mushrooms and onions. I can eat that kind of meal maybe once a year. So delicious...but it makes my face hurt afterwards. My eyes were literally nauseated.

Monday, we swam just about all day. A very good day. We finished up with a chill dog cookout complete with Nutella S'mores with Zack, Malinda, Gran Jan and Laura Grace (they were coming back through from a visit to family in Missouri.) Such a great three-day weekend!

This is the look you don't mess with.

See the chocolate on my lip? Yeah, David let me go all day without telling me.

Piper watching Yo Gabba Gabba after the zoo.

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