Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Short post...well, short for me...

Y'all, David passed the CPA exam!!!!!!! I got the scores online (he never knew you could check them online...I did, because I'm-a sneaky sneaky) early Wednesday morning. I only told a few people so David could tell everybody else. Our sweet friends got together Saturday afternoon at a park nearby and we surprised him with the news! You should have seen his face. We pulled up, the park was empty, except for some folks under a picnic pavilion. David says, "Oh, look, the swings are free, let's go there first. Hey...is that Zack? That IS Zack. Hey, that's Taylor...wait...WAIT." And then they held up letters that spelled, "YOU PASSED!" And he figured it out from there. Malinda made cookies and cream cupcakes, complete with toppers of David's face, "CPA" and "YOU A**!" If you don't know that story, read it here.

Thank you guys for praying for him as he took the exam. Over 5 years of preparing for, studying for...and it's OVAH! I know I've told y'all before, but I just have to brag on Hugs...I'm so proud of him. Most folks take the CPA right out of college...they spend their senior year preparing for it with courses...and then take a few months off out of college to study. And even then, it's SO difficult. I can't even imagine. But, David had been out of college for a year, working full-time, when he decided he wanted to get his CPA. He went back to school, got his masters in Accounting and had to take additional coursework to be eligible to sit for the exam...all while working full-time and during a full tax season. Then, he spent the next two and half years studying for and taking the four sections of the exam, through another tax season (he doesn't do taxes anymore) and the girls being born. You have to pass all four parts with a minimum score of 75. Once you pass the first section, you have 18 months to pass the other three or that first section expires and you have to start all over. RIDONK, right? The test isn't 100% objective. It's not "Here is the Question, which of these four answers is the correct answer?" All four answers are correct...you have to pick the best one. And there are simulations and scenarios they have to work through that somebody reads through. God bless the people that have to read through those. A lot of questions are trick questions, designed to weed people out. Again, I've never taken it...I'm just getting this info from David.

David failed three sections of the exam once and then passed those three sections. This auditing section was his last one and he had never taken it before. His first section was to expire on July 16th of this year. So, he HAD to pass it. And he did. I have never seen a man so happy. Whew, I totally almost spilled my whole mug of tea in my lap. Y'all should have seen that catch I just made. Anyways. So, he's very happy and we're both very relieved that he's done with it. Now he has to just jump through a few more hoops to get his license. He has to pass a take-home, 40 question ethics exam required by the state. David's pretty ethical, so I'm sure he'll do fine. Shoot, I'd cheat on that sucker left and right...I'M KIDDING. Can you cheat on a take-home exam? He has to fill out a mountain of paperwork and pay a fee, of course, and then the license is his.

I meant to tell you all of that yesterday, but Piper Lee was muy constipado and it was a crazy morning. But, now we're all back on the Poo Poo Train and feelin' fine. It's the cheese, I know it is. They eat cheese like an old Italian man. So, I've cut back on their cheese snacks and we're eating raisins now instead. Well, they're eating raisins...I don't eat raisins. They look like the bugs caught in a pool skimmer.

Okay, I've gotta go put on some normal clothes, because Sean from Northern Ireland is coming to pick up Winona (the motorcycle) to "clean the carbs" or something. I know how to drive one, but I can barely tell you where the muffler is. I know, I'm a poser.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS DAVID! Wow, what an accomplishment. I am know you guys are so excited and relieved. Think of all the extra time you'll have together now. More star trek! :)

  2. That's awesome. I know ya'll are so glad that's over. Congrats.

  3. hey your blog looks different! looks good! i knew you'd figure it out. because you're like, smart, and stuff.

    and again, woot for david!!!


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