Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Happy (belated) Fourth of July!

We had a busy, but FABULOUS weekend. The Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. Not just because it's America and I love America and America's my favorite...but also, because you get a day off and everybody cooks out and it's warm outside and usually there is a water sport involved. Last year, not so much. I spent the day laying down and eating Fruit Loops so I wouldn't be sick. We shot off a few fireworks with Malinda and Zack and I went to bed about 8 p.m. But this year was a little different. Sara has been trying to get us up to the lake house for forever and we finally gave in. Not that we didn't want to go to the lake house, who wouldn't, but it's really difficult to pack everything that we'd need for the day and take the girls. Since we each have a baby, neither of us gets to take a break, so by the end of the day, we're exhausted. And we're always worried about keeping the girls up past their bedtime...a time they chose, not us...because we inevitably pay the price later that night and nobody's happy.

But sweet, pretty, wonderful Sara volunteered to watch the girls for us all day while we "played" out on the water. So, off we went. The lake house is Bryan's parents'. I love Bryan's parents. We got there early and they were cooking breakfast for everybody. Homemade pancakes, thick-sliced bacon, a huge spread of fruit...it was yum. The rest of the day, we stayed down at the boat house. We made a palette for the girls on the pontoon, which they seemed to love...rocking on the wakes of passing boats. We took out the jet skis, went tubing, took a break, went out on the jet skis again. We had planned on skiing and wakeboarding, but after tubing, I could barely lift a finger, so we opted out...next time for sure. We swam around boat house, jumped from some rocks. Freddy, Bryan's dad, made some ribs and BBQ beans for supper...OH MY GOODNESS...hands down, the BEST ribs I've ever had. I'm not even kidding.

We got home about 45 minutes after the girls' bedtime that night, but amazingly, we were able to avoid Twin Meltdown 2010. We thought, maybe they'll sleep later in the morning. Nope. They were awake at their normal time. But, they did take two 3.5 hour naps the next day, so I think we were all a little worn out.

David and I were super sore, complete with burns on our elbows from the tube, but it was totally worth it. Our neighbors shot off fireworks every night from Friday through Monday, so we apparently celebrated the Fourth all weekend.

We blew up the girls' new swimming pool and lazed around in it for awhile, too. That sucker is fun. Big enough for all four of us to mosey around in. The twins LOVED it. I mean L-O-V-E-D loved it. They were laughing and splashing and freaking out over it the whole time. That was a good purchase. Thanks for telling me about it, Audry.

We couldn't have Independence Day without some cutie pie outfits. I found these at the outlet mall when the girls were super small.
And Mamaw G made them these and the bows. PRESH. I'm sure you can tell I don't really know how to do the strappy bow things. These made me laugh, so darn cute. Piper Lee kept looking up at hers like, "Listen...I don't know what this is on my head, but it's gonna have to come off. Seriously. Now."

I wish every weekend was the Fourth of July. Well, I do like Christmas, too, though. Happy Birthday, America. And thanks to all of our soldiers, veterans and current, who have served this great nation. We owe you so much. Hoping not to sound too cheesy...I'm proud to be an American and I thank God for the privilege of being a citizen of this amazing country where I am free to worship my Savior, free to enjoy my family, and free to experience life. Happy Fourth, everybody!

Our Pontoon Play Yard

A Pontoon Nap

A Pontoon Hey, Whachu Doin' Back There?!

A Pontoon Nap: Part Two

A Happy Pontooner

Yay for jet skis! My hands and legs are still sore from this.

The wonderful Aunt Moo

Tubing. I'd say most people have been tubing. If you haven't, you should. It's definitely an experience. You can tube two people at a time, but that sometimes results in major bruising. It's already rough enough just one person. Going straight behind the boat is easy. It's when the boat starts doing doughnuts or sharp turns that it gets interesting. If you're amazingly strong, like me, you can hold on longer. But after awhile, hitting wake from other boats and bumps in general will get you laughing. The laughter drains the energy that you need for grip. That grip starts slipping. You laugh more. Once you and the tube go outside the wake, it's only a matter of time. Once your grip is down to like, two fingers, a few bumps, a little air, a giggle or two...and either your tube flips or you just let go and slide into the water. And by "slide", I mean you hit the water with the force of an oncoming train. But then, you slow down and it's softer and the water feels nice. Then you just bob to the top and wait for the boat. It's kind of scary because the boat always seems so far away and there are things swimming beneath me that I can't see. But, it's worth it.

Aunt Moo's doing, of course.

This is Webb, Bryan's friends' 10-month old son. Can you say ADORABLE. He was such a ladies' man...flirting with the twins.

"Hmmm...this is a pretty neat looking rattle."

"Hey, babe. Check it out. Check out how fast these guns can shake this rattle. Pow pow. Wanna buy some tickets, to the show...to the gun show. I have to ask my parents first, but I'm sure you can come."

"Listen, chica, I know I'm being a little forward, but you're gorgeous, I'm gorgeous. We should date. Flowers shmowers. Here's a rattle, doll."

Bryan and Pipes

I'm pretty sure Sports Illustrated will be calling any second now.

Mortal enemies.

Sometimes, what's to your left is scarier than what's in the water beneath you.


"Dude, let's keep this party goin'...." (pass out)

"Dad, you're delicious."

"I partied hard today. G'night."


  1. They are precious giant babies! They totally crack me up when you are holding them, they look so big! I bet you have some good arm muscles!


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