Thursday, July 1, 2010

Nothing (& Canada Day)

UPDATE: Oh my gosh, I almost didn't is Canada Day! How could I forget our friendly and polite neighbors up north.

Thank you for...

Some excellent hockey matches, complete with cute hockey players.

Maple syrup. I loooove me some pancakes.

Canadian geese. They are very pretty and stay in our yard all winter longer and one of my favorite things to do is watch Blue stalk them. Don't worry...only in her dreams could she ever catch one.

Our half of Niagara Falls. It's fun to wave across and be like, "Hey, Canada!"

The TV show Due South.

I thanked you for some of the same stuff last year, but still...that's how important these things are to me.

Mom left this morning (sad face) and I'm on my own for the next forever. Except that I'm NOT, because Mamaw A is coming to stay with us for a week in July! Woo hoooooo! SO thankful for that. I was starting to stress just a teensy tiny bit. Oh, sweet Mamaw. I'm looking forward to you coming, Grams! You'll have to watch House at night with me and David.

So, I have nothing to write about to today, except that I have a ton of stuff to write about, but no time to write. Here are a few thoughts for today.

I hate when your beta version of software runs out and you have to buy the real thing. Ugh, beta versions, why do you taunt me with the awesomeness that is your full version and then expire on me right when I need you the most. And thank you, Amazon, for being cheaper than anywhere else and for having $3.99 one day shipping. I'll see you tomorrow, Full Version.

I think that babies are radioactive. They're cool to the touch, but when you hold them for more than 2 minutes, they get really really warm. Which, in turns, makes you really really warm. And then, makes you start sweating profusely. And then, there's two of them.

The guy that was found floating on a blow-up toy raft, unconscious, 1 mile from land, for hours, in the Gulf...I want to know where he got that raft. In case there's a flood or something.

If I had to...IF I had to...I could eat baby food. It's really not that bad. Except that it's pretty gross. But I COULD do it.

Okay, I'll write something for real tomorrow.

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  1. Oh beta shmeta!
    that's all I have to say about that!


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