Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Carter, Megan, Sasha & Marina

This past weekend was a lot of fun. On Friday, Billy, Beth and Carter (and Beth's sister, Melissa) stopped by for a visit! B, B and C were on their way to the coast for a family vacation. I can't believe how big Carts has gotten. It's unreal. Such a handsome little booger. We told him he had to choose between one of the girls...who was his favorite? No contest, he chose Harper. But we're not worried about Piper Lee. I think there's a little summin' summin' going on between her and Webb from the lake. Someone's been calling her late at night. We'll answer and this raspy, gurgly voice says, "Hey, uh, is Piper Lee home?" We'll say, "Yes, but she's in bed right now. Who is this?" And then we'll hear heavy breathing, a jingle, a rattle shake, a giggle, someone in the background yelling "Weeeeeebbb, what are you doing?" and then nothing...dial tone. So, I don't know what's going on there.

Anyways. When you'd ask Carter to go give one of the girls a hug, he'd do this.

Ha, for a second, I thought, "What other baby's feet is that off to the left?" And then I remembered, "Dummy. That's your other kid." I forget sometimes.

SO PRESH. Love it.

I wish they could have stayed longer, but the beach was calling. We've missed them!

On Saturday, sweet Wes, Audry and Megan came over and watched the girls for us so David and I could go out to eat with friends before we headed to the airport to await, along with Brandi and Shane's families, the arrival of Brandi, Sasha and Marina. Such an awesome thing to get to be a part of. And what a beautiful family. I'm so very glad they're all home now! God is good.

What's so great is that the girls were all smiles, in spite of the incredibly long day they had just had. On the flight from, uh, somewhere (Kyiv??) to New York, Sasha told Brandi she was headed to the bathroom, came back a few minutes later, no big deal. Awhile after that, Sasha told Brandi she had, in fact, pulled a loose tooth. And that was that. That's hard core, folks.

They seemed to know how much they were loved and that this was their family. Beautiful, beautiful girls. So petite. It's funny how much they look like Brandi and Shane. Sasha speaks a little English. Marina is learning. I've definitely got to get in there and teach them some Southern slang before it's too late.

And Audry took some pictures of their evening.

Piper Lee is giving Megs the eye. "Watch yourself, Red. This is my bumblebee."

I would like to point out that Megan will be 3 years old in two weeks. Compare her size to those two 6 month olds.

Holding the baby. Meggers will make a great Mommy one day. Audry, that means you'll be a grandmother.

She toted the stuffed Dr. Seuss characters that Stephanie gave the girls around all evening. She named them Dadden and Booden.

Head pats are the best.

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