Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I Will Not Bounce No More: A Bouncer's Story

I will not bounce no more
No more

Not a double negative, as you might think
Merely a cry, a longing, for the days before

They had finally arrived
I rejoiced

I brought my friends to play with them
Hippo, Lion, Monkey
They all danced and laughed

I sang to them the songs of my youth
Until sweet sleep swept their blue eyes closed

I carried them
I carried them for so very long

From the day they joined us mortal men
Two souls, yet from one beginning
Six and Seven pounds

Twelve pounds came and went
My arms grew so weary
I strained and groaned to carry them further

Fifteen pounds
So heavy, so tired
I knew my time with them was short

Yet, they did not know
They played, they laughed, they slept
My satin Fisher Price arms engulfing them in safety and love
That is all they needed to know

Eighteen pounds
I wept for I knew the day had come
I could no longer carry them

Their butts hit the floor
And I couldn't bounce
No more

Goodbye, my friends
My two twin friends
You've gotten too fat

I will not bounce no more
No more

I will not bounce no more.


  1. I laughed out loud at this! I have an 8 month old girl who is over 19lbs and we recently experienced the same thing! :o)

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