Friday, July 16, 2010

Tune In Monday... hear David and the Kidney Stones: A Traumatic, yet Hysterical Story from College: Hysterical for Ruth, Not So Much for David: the Hugsy Bear Junior Year Epic.

I'm super busy today, so I can't write much. I've got to work, keep my kids alive, and straighten up the house because we have visitors coming! Billy, Beth and Carts Magoo are stopping by on their way to vacation on the coast! And Beth's sweet sister, Missy Pantsy Pooh (that's not her real name) is coming, too!

And then tomorrow night, Audry, Wes, and Megan are watching the girls for us because BRANDI AND SASHA AND MARINA ARE COMING HOME!! Yay!! I can tell you their names now because they're officially Brandi and Shane's daughters (even though they were always their daughters, now it's on paper). Shanes facebook status is: Adoption. Process. Finished. It's 100% in the books, we're done.

So, we're going to meet Brandi and the girls at the airport to welcome them home. Shane has been back in the states for a little bit now for work. He was only required to be there for the first court date. I'm sooooo excited! They're leaving Ukraine today, I guess, but they won't get here until tomorrow night. Here are some pictures from their website:

Shane and Sasha at a dance for the kids.

Marina "posing" for her passport picture.


Shane and the girls. Yes, that is a sticker on Shane's face. And no, the girls didn't put it on there...he wanted it there. (This is probably my favorite picture...nothing like a Dad and his girls.)

The whole fam!

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