Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Tutu Two

Every now and then, I take the girls out on the patio for some pictures. Here are some that we took this week.

Mommajoe got them the tutus. That's all I have to say about the tutus.

You can definitely tell their personalities even while taking their pictures. Harper is a ham. You put the camera in front of her and she'll give the biggest smiles or silliest faces or she'll stare off longingly into the sunset as though posing for her high school senior portraits. But Piper...well, Piper's been watching too much America's Next Top Model. She'll be smiling and laughing and you'll say, "Piper, look here!" and the second she looks, it's FIERCE EYES! Well, it's fierce eyes or drunk eyes. She only has two looks.

Harper Missouri

Piper Lee

Daddy comes home!!

I wanted pictures of them smiling together. They were completely disinterested in that idea.

I used everything I could think of. Jumping up and down. Screeching in a high-pitched, obnoxious voice, "Girls, girls!! Hey hey! Loooook!" Nothing worked.

Something's going on, sister...someone is opening the back door.

Daddy's home!!

PL was more interested in Harper's hand at the time.

But then, she noticed Daddy!

And then I wanted individual pictures of them smiling, so I told David to keep talking to them...Harper gives me this.

Piper Lee gives me FIERCE EYES.

While I was taking pictures of Piper, I felt something on my leg. I look down and...
I know if my other foot had been closer, she would have tied my shoelaces together.

Aw, sweet sisters holding hands. Nope. You can clearly see someone pinching someone else.


  1. Beautiful as always. I think you put something in Piper's bottle though. She does look drunk. haha

  2. tutus and fat baby doesn't get better than that :)


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