Friday, July 9, 2010

The Nursery: Take Two

My plans of keeping the girls in the same crib for a year lasted only 6 months. But, still, 6 months...I guess that's better than 3. Because the girls are two little (big) chubs, they quickly outgrew the compartments we had for them in the one crib. We'd wake up in the morning to find Harper completely stretched out, feet pressed against the divider, poor Piper Lee shoved in the corner with an inch to spare or vice versa. So, I ordered a matching crib and bedding and sweet Hugsy put it all together for us.

Here was the nursery before:

Here is the new nursery:

Pretty much the exact same thing, just with an additional bed and we folded the other side of the lounge thing up.

Anyways. The twins seem to love it. And I keep sleep more peacefully knowing one of them doesn't have the other one in a sleeper hold in the corner of the crib. And the cribs convert to toddler and then day beds, so we're set for the next 5 or so years. Or until they assert their independence and demand their own rooms. And then I'll just say, "No. It's more convenient for me to keep you in the same room together. Want to try murphy beds?"


  1. I flippin love their nursery! AND it looks even cuter with TWO cribs instead of one!
    You have the cutest, most adorablest, monster babies I've ever seen!

  2. awww! They have their auntie audry blankies :) - (this is me, audry heehee!!)


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