Monday, July 12, 2010

A Collection of Quotes

Mom: Ruth, I'm reading the Rattlesnake post you did and I saw this comment left by Rebecca. It says "Two little boys sat here completely fascinated by that video! And then they put their arms inside their shirts because they got shot off."

Ruth: Oh, haha, yeah, that was funny, wasn't it.

Mom: Well, I don't get it.

Ruth: Mom. The boys were pretending their arms were shot off...because, you know, Dad shot the snake with the gun. It's what boys do.

Mom: But their arms weren't really shot off, were they?

Ruth: No. That's why I said "pretend." I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have been a nonchalant comment had their arms actually been shot off.

Mom: Oh, well it just worried me for a second. Oh, well, that's funny, then. Ha, boys are silly.

Ruth: Sigh.

(Just to clarify, my mom is actually very intelligent. Just, sometimes, we have to explain things to her.)


Shane: Prince has declared that the internet is "over". I'd be more inclined to take this seriously had I not read it on the Internet. Also, if Prince had not said it.

Shane's Dad: His computer probably froze up and he just misunderstood. Of course, if you substitute the term "Prince's career" for "Internet", the statement becomes a good deal more accurate.


Intern: Do you want a triple chocolate no-bake cookie?

Katie Christmas: Does Sauron want to steal your soul?


(Playing a game...Brandi explaining the rules, asking us to pick a category as she calls them out.)

Brandi: Let me know when you like it.

Tris: That's what she said.

Brandi: Oh gosh, ha, sorry...As I was saying it, I realized how it sounded, but I couldn't stop my mouth.

Tris: That's what she said.


  1. The one about Prince absolutely cracks me up!

  2. Wow! You totally made my day! I'll try to phrase any future comments better so as not to confuse your mom. Tell her thanks for being worried though!
    Love the picture at the end!


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