Friday, July 2, 2010

Father's Day

This is a long overdo post. Seeing as how Father's Day was forever ago.

Father...every time I hear that word, I think of Austin Powers...Fahja. What? Fah-ja. What are you saying? You know, hello, Mahja, hello, Fahja. OH! Fah-ther. Father. If you haven't seen that ridiculous movie, then you have no idea what I'm talking about.

This past Father's Day was David's first Father's Day, obviously, and I wanted to make it special for him. He was born to be a Dad. He is such a wonderful one to our girls and I just beam with pride to see him with them. He has been the most amazing helpmate and I am soooooo incredibly thankful to get to share this journey with him. It's surreal to me to think that 11 years ago this week, I was a teenager at camp with him. Three days after I met him, I started writing my married name in my notebook. I still have the notebook. It was then that I realized that my married initials would have been stupid, so it was a good thing I figured it out then. I ended up keeping my middle name. But it's weird to think that that guy, the guy that asked me to eat lunch with him...the guy I turned down for lunch because I wanted to eat lunch with Ashley, my best friend...the guy that accepted my answer of "But don't worry, I'll have supper with you"...the guy that fit the über cliché of playing the guitar and singing while girls sat around (I have a picture of that)...the guy that stole my heart the second I met him...I got to marry him. And now he's my baby daddy. Teehee! And he has given me the most incredible two children. And he is a wonderful father. How I have not imploded upon myself with happiness, I'll never know. But I sho is a lucky gal.

The Friday before, David drove down to spend the weekend with us at my parents' house. And Saturday evening, my family watched the twins while I took Hugsy out on a date. He picked Red Lobster and I was totally fine with that choice...and my choice of snow crab legs and coconut shrimp with mango sauce...mmmmmmmm. He picked Iron Man 2 for the movie...fine by me...RDJ mreoww. We had such a good time. It's funny how your views on things change. Before the girls, we could pick up and go see a movie anytime we wanted. No big deal. We didn't see a lot of movies, though, but we always had the option. So, now it's super special when we do get go out. It was a good date. He held my hand and kissed my cheek during the movie. (giggle giggle)

I had gotten David some cologne as part of his gift. But, that was something he needed anyway because he had just run out. And then I got him some cook/bakeware and specialty ingredients from King Arthur Flour, but that was kind of an ulterior motive gift because I knew he would make stuff for me with all of that. So, Sunday morning, I gave David his real gift...something that I knew he wanted. A muzzleloading, black powder pistol...(rolling eyes). Although, I, personally, think it's weird, he loves them (thanks to you,'re the one to blame for all of this) and I wanted him to have one. Also, it kind of dawned on me after I ordered I have more ammo–no pun intended–in my quest for gifts for David. It's hard to buy for him sometimes. He loves to read, but I can only give so many bookstore gift cards, ya know. Now a whole new realm of giftery has been opened. The gun is a working replica. Meaning, he can go to the range and shoot things. Awesome. Just what I need...a colonial. We have several other guns for the house. I know how to work two. I really only need to work one, because you come in my house...well, one is all I need, yo. David asked if I wanted to learn to work this one...I politely declined. Black powder scares me. You've seen Pirates of the Caribbean, right?

Anyways. He loves it, so that makes it worth it. It is pretty, I have to admit. He lets me collect swords. I guess I'll let him collect weird guns.

On Sunday morning, Bro. Gene gave an awesome sermon on the roles of parents and training up a child. It's kind of humbling to really sit back and think about the fact that you are responsible for these two innocent and perfect beings. They rely on you. They trust you. You can't be a dummy. God knows that I have prayed ceaselessly for them...every day...multiples times a day. That they would continue to grow strong. (But not too strong because I can only carry so much weight). That they would be happy. That they liked their names. That they wouldn't fight too terribly much...I mean, regular sibling rivalry is fine, but no Jets vs. Sharks type of stuff. That we wouldn't screw up. That David and I would provide a good home for them and a good environment. For their future husbands. That we would be worthy of the privilege God has given us of having them as our children. That they would one day come to know Him. I want to give them everything. I want the absolute best for them in everything. And David and I have committed to each other to be a team in this and I couldn't ask for a better partner.

After the sermon, we dedicated the girls to the Lord in front of our church family...that we love so dearly. Even though we're 3.5 hours away, we've always considered them our home church and family. It was an awesome experience. The twins were perfect the entire time. They sang and clapped. They fell asleep during the sermon. They smiled when they were in front of everybody. So perfect.

Hugs, thanks for being you. I love you, dear heart. Happy Father's Day.

For a dedication gift, my Mom got the girls these adorable pearl and sterling bracelets with their names.
And GranJan got them these precious gold bracelets.
Oh my word. So stinking cute. And they fit perfectly. This made us realize how expensive these kids were gonna be. Almost the entire service, the girls kept admiring the shiny new baubles on their wrists. They were enamored with their "jewry". Mom turns to David and says, "Just like their're in trouble, Elvis." Piper Lee would look from one wrist to the other and twist her little fat hand around to see all the pretty. She fell asleep with her hand on her face. Cleopatra.

It was a great weekend.

I know the girls will one day tell stories about their Dad's quirks, but I'm here to talk about my Dad...Daddio.

Last year, I shared a few things about are some more...

• Dad buys an alarming amount of natural disaster movies and documentaries. He says they're for Peter. I don't see Peter watching a lot of them. In fact, Wep is pretty scared of the weather. I think Dad buys them for him because he's a boy and likes to see things go BOOM! and CRASH!

• When teaching your daughters to use a gun, do it when Mom's not at home. Because she'll run outside every few minutes saying, "Daaaaaviiiiddd...I don't know about this. Should they wear a helmet? What about gloves? I'll get them some gloves. Oh, you don't think it's too loud, do you? Are those cups filled with sand? What are those cups for? Are you shooting at the cups? Don't leave those cups in the yard? If they explode, I want all those pieces picked up. Should they be shooting the guns? I just don't know about this. I mean it, no trash in the yard."

• The more hair you have, the more Dad is going to tease you about it.

• Fart jokes make Dad laugh. Throw up jokes do not.

• If it's a Saturday and you can't find Dad anywhere, 9 times out of 10, he's out in the woods making new trails with his monster weedeater.

• The only time Dad says more than 2 or 3 sentences consecutively is if he's talking about a cruise or some other travel plans. That's where I get it from. Not the talking part...I talk way more than him obviously. But the travel plans part. I love to plan. I love to travel.

• When Mom goes to the outlet mall, Dad goes along so "Mom won't be by herself." It's weird, because Dad will disappear for hours. When they meet up later in the day, Dad is sitting on a bench, empty-handed. When Mom opens up the back of the suburban, a tsunami of recently purchased items from stores like Bass, Reebok, Brookstone, Sony, Bose, and Eddie Bauer engulfs her in its wave of bags and boxes. Hmmm...Dad just "went along for the ride" huh. Dad likes the outlet mall.

• My Dad is a very mild-mannered, even-tempered person. He's very slow to get angry. And even when he's angry, he's patient and quiet. It's very intimidating. But there's a reason behind Dad's cool collectedness. When he was about a year and a half old, he developed this slight little temper. He would scream until he got his way. One time, the screaming wasn't getting him his way, so he held his breath until he passed out. Scared my grandmother to death. The second time he tried to do that, she caught on to it and snatched him up and held his head under cold water. He hasn't lost his temper since.

• Dad loves the History Channel. Which is unfortunate when we're all waiting in a hotel room somewhere or in a lobby and there's a TV. On the other hand, I have learned a lot about the evolution of video tapes and Roman boats and coffee and shoes. Knowledge that is invaluable.

• Dad, you are the best Dad I've ever had. Thanks for everything. And thanks for being such an amazing grandfather for my girls. I know they're going to love walking the trails with you. I love you, Daddy!

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