Monday, December 27, 2010

CHRISTMAS!!! (for real)

Today is Tuesday, right? My days are so messed up. At least I know it's still December.

Well, Sunday after the beach, we dropped off the girls at GranJan and Papa's house. They and Laura Grace offered to keep the twins for the week for us so we could have a week at home by ourselves. I am soooooooooooo grateful to them for that. Thank you thank you thank you! It was fabulous. Oh my gosh, I missed the girls so much, but it was definitely nice to be at home by ourselves for a few days. I didn't realize how much we still had to get done before Christmas. It was eerily quiet during the day when I was here working. I could hear little phantom babies every now and then...which was creepy.

Tuesday night, David and I had our own Christmas, just the two of us. It was so much fun. I love Christmas with Hugs.

Wednesday night, we went on a date with Zack and Malinda to go see Tron. TRON WAS AWESOME!! We grew up watching the first one once a week maybe. I was surprised by how many people were like, "Oh, this is a sequel to one made in the 80's." I'm like, "'s Tron!!" But, I guess not everybody has a sci-fi nerd dad like us. (Love you, Daddy...and I'm very glad you're a sci-fi nerd.)

Thursday night, we headed home in peace and quiet. It's amazing how differently I view road trips now. We plan car rides around naps and meal times. When they take a nap in the car, we don't make a peep. We don't even move our eyeballs for fear of waking them up. So, driving in the car just me and David is kind of nice sometimes. Mom and Noah had already picked the girls up that afternoon, so by the time we got to my parents' house that night, they were sound asleep.

We had Christmas with my family on Friday night, Christmas with David's family on Saturday morning, and Christmas with Mamaw and Papaw A on Saturday afternoon. Harper had reached her activity quota Saturday night on the way home from the grandparents' house and confidently proclaimed this by being super chill in the car seat one moment and unleashing a banshee roar of defiance the next...and then she threw up everywhere. So, we tried to limit their activities the rest of our time home.

We came home yesterday afternoon...I've never seen two happier kiddos before. It's so funny to me how they realize they're home. Santa left them a bunch of toys in the playroom for them to discover and they went berserk. David and I unpacked everything and took down all of the Christmas stuff, cleaned the house, and spent the rest of the evening playing with the girls and all their new toys. They were running around hysterically, chasing each other, laughing, and then they passed out asleep. And then David and I passed out asleep. Such a good time.

OH, I almost forgot!! Piper Lee took her first steps on Christmas Day! I'm so proud of her. We were at GranJan and Papa's house, all sitting on the floor playing with the girls, Piper Lee was sitting halfway in the kitchen minding her own business. We were watching Harper be ridiculous as usual, look over and see PL standing up walking towards us. I think life is just about to get a little more interesting.

Here are some pictures from Christmastime. (These first few I borrowed from Dad's Facebook.)

Mom and Dad got them this little play area/pen thing...they're not too fond of being shut up in it, but they love opening and closing the door themselves.

Presents for me?!

Mom and Dad got Virginia Kate a coonskin hat. All of the grandkids have coonskin hats and since VK will be one soon, she needed to be inducted. She was terrified of the hat. Who wouldn't be?

We cut all of Noah's hair off.

Mom wanted to see if Harper would choose her over me. Guess who she chose? ME.

The containment area.

Mamaw and Papaw A and the Pantless Childrens.

At GranJan and Papa's.

Mom and Dad have some swings hung in a tree near the house and usually, the girls LOVE them. They absolutely adore swinging. Piper Lee is normally a little hesitant at first, but ends up squealing in delight. This time, she started off with a big smile.

Harper...not so much this time.

But, she finally warmed up to it again and remembered she liked it.

And then Miss I Don't Want To Swing pitched a fit when Daddy took her out.

In other, non-Christmas related, news...I haven't shaved my legs since the cruise (in October). Yep. Show of hands as to how many of you let out an audible "ewwww"? Hey, don't hate. It's very liberating. Although, now it's getting on my nerves, so it's time. One of the few reasons I'm okay with winter. PANTS!

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  1. whoever's hand in the picture pushing Piper Lee in the swing clearly has a future in hand modeling. Did you know that hand models can make up to 1,000 dollars an hour and that paper cuts are a major incident! He should check into hand modeling with those beautiful hands.


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