Tuesday, December 7, 2010


Yes, Halloween.
I know I'm a few days...weeks...months behind on that, but here you go!

We figured we might as well go ahead and get Thing 1 and Thing 2 out of the way for costumes because that was bound to happen at some point. Their Uncle Noah got them these hilarious outfits from Universal Studios when he went over Spring Break earlier this year. He got 12-month sizes...figured that'd surely be big enough. They BARELY fit...considering, right now, they're wearing 24-month pajamas. But they definitely worked. My little Dr. Seuss 70's Disco Skaters.

I thought it'd be fun to all go as characters from the Cat in the Hat story. So, David was the Cat and I was the pink ring in the tub. Yay for my idea! The only reason David went along with this plan was because I let him pick out their costumes for next year...and I have to dress along with the theme. Sigh. The things I do just so I can paint Davey's face.

We get to Zack and Malinda's Halloween party (always a good time with AMAZING food!) and Malinda's 2/3-year old niece, Mattie, is there with Malinda's parents. They were visiting for a bit before heading out. Malinda's Mom tells Mattie, "Look, it's Thing 1 and Thing 2. You remember the twins, right? And look, it's the Cat in the Hat!" Mattie's eyes got HUGE. She slid down Mrs. Teresa's arm and walked warily towards David...a smile creeping onto her face...she says, "Are you THE Cat in the Hat?" David replies, "Yes, I am." Biggest smile ever...she runs back to her grandmother, satisfied in knowing that storybook characters do come to life.

Harper was soooo not into the wig. Pipes wore it like a champ.

Piper Lee LOVED Marina, a fairy.

Ben found some good dancing music and the twins and Holland, a nerd, had a blast.

In an epic battle of strength and ferocity, Harper defeats Shane...leaving his tattered carcass at the mercy of the elements.

The next day, we had a Fall picnic with all of our buddies. It was after this ride with Virginia Kate that we decided to get the girls a wagon. They loved that thing.

Later that evening, we went Trick or Treating with Virginia Kate in our neighborhood. Sara's friend and co-worker, Danika, made the twins these ADORABLE buckets. They just held them and smiled the whole time. We didn't get candy for them...we were just practicing for next year. Although, now that I think about it...we could have gotten them candy and "saved" it for them...maybe tested a few pieces...dadgum, I should have thought of that.

Werewolf cat!!!

This is what we think of Halloween.

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