Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cough Syrup

So, you know I got the girls' cold like, a year ago (it seems), and I feel totally fine except now I'm stuck with this stupid cough. And when I get a cough, it lasts FOREVER AND ETERNITY. I think it stems from my past of childhood asthma. It wasn't a huge deal, really. I just would start coughing and couldn't breathe for a little biggie. And, it's always a dry cough. Nothing's coming up. No phlegm or nothin'. Now, that's a fun word...phlegm. Sounds like it should be a good ole country boy's name...Phlegm.

Well, anyways...this cough has been keeping me up all night long for the past week. When we were at the beach, the girls slept in our room in their play pens and I'd wake up in a coughing fit and go sleep in the living room so I wouldn't wake them. The past few nights at home, I've gone to sleep in the living room so I wouldn't wake David up. I mean...I just can't stop coughing. And it's soooooooo frustrating.

Mom told me about a home remedy that she grew up with. Mom had asthma as a kid, too, and her family doctor prescribed it to my grandmother to give to Mom, saying it was the best cure for a cough. Mamaw would give it to Mom every time she had a cough. Mamaw would give it to all three of her kids (Mom, Uncle Greg, and Uncle Brad) whenever any one of them had a cough. Because sometimes, in the middle of the night, you don't know which kid is, better safe than sorry...dose all three.

Mom was a married adult before Mamaw told her the recipe for this "cough syrup": lemon juice, honey, and whiskey.

Well, I've been desperate...I have GOT to be able to sleep at night. I decided to try the cough syrup.

David and I don't drink alcoholic beverages. Neither of us grew up around it. We have no problem with it at's just that it all tastes horrible. It all tastes the same to me, I'll be honest. And it smells weird. And in the movies, when people drink a teeny tiny glass of something, they go like "Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh...shhhhhhh...ooooooohhhhh" and that looks like it hurts, so, you know...water for me.

Anyways. We don't know a lot about it, so, when I asked David to go to the liquor store to get me the cheapest whiskey he could find (which sounds super depressing), he was a bit hesitant about what to get. He said the lady said he should buy this bottle of whiskey that had been sitting for 100 years or something...$600!! You'd figure that stuff would taste like tears from the angels, but I'm sure it tasted the same as the $5 stuff David actually got. But, I don't I said, it all taste the same to me.

I got myself a glass and mixed in two tablespoons of whiskey, two tablespoons of honey, and two tablespoons of lime juice (because we were out of lemon juice). And here you go...(please excuse the explosion that is the kitchen).

Did it work? No, it did not. I coughed all night long and ended up sleeping in the living room again. (Just so you know, David doesn't kick me out...I go on my own so I won't wake him up.)

Mom called this morning to ask if it worked. She was so disappointed to find out that it had not. She added, "Add more whiskey!!" I thought to myself..."Are you SURE it ever cured your coughs growing up or were you just too drunk to remember?"


  1. That was painful to watch. One time I grabbed this little yummy chocolate delight off this tray of goodies, and it burned my throat all the way down. I found out it was a rum ball. It ruined the chocolate.

  2. oh no! now i know what's wrong...i said lemon juice NOT lime juice!


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