Friday, December 17, 2010

Dream Job: A Painter of Pictures

Ruthie says: I'd like to be something creative, like a painter!...of pictures...not walls.

Ruthie is David's co-worker and friend. I've never met her, but I hear some pretty interesting stuff about her. Interesting, as in "She's awesome!" I mean, duh, her name is Ruthie for starters. A former professional roller derbier, Ruthie hung up her skates and gave up punching people and joined an elite team of numbers people. They do math and stuff. David's try to explain it to me, but all I've been able to hear is, "Blah boo bee blop booo bleep what do you want for supper?" Now, THAT I can understand. We'll meet one day, Ruthie...and together, we will form a SUPERRUTH!

So, here is Ruthie as a painter...

Oh, wait...wrong slide...

Okay, here you go...Ruthie as a painter of pictures.

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  1. Have I ever told you my middle name is Ruth? It still is. As in, I kept it instead of my maiden name.


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