Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Party Weekend!

Sorry for the lack of blogging the past few days/weeks. Busy + 2 sick kids + 1 sick Ruth = going to bed early. Yeah, the girls have been sick for awhile now. Started off with a runny nose, followed by a cough, and just overall irritability and neediness. Poor babies. I hate seeing them not feeling well. And they've been such troopers. I think we're at the tail end of it, though. I didn't know they took all cold medicines for kids under 6 (I think) off the market because of the side effects. So, I mean, there's literally nothing you can do except wait it out...maybe some infant Tylenol here and there. But, gyah. They'll be up all during the night with stopped up noses or coughing breaks my heart because they don't know what's going on. But, thankfully, I think they're feeling better and now, they've unanimously decided that 5:15 a.m. is a great time to get up in the morning. Yay. We're all very excited about this. And now I have a cold, so it's good times all around. But, it was bound to happen eventually and I'm just glad we're almost done with it.

This weekend was fabulous and eventful. Sweet Mom surprised us by coming up and watching the girls so we could go to the annual tacky sweater Christmas party on Friday night. Such good food and such good friends. Eric and Tris always set up a photo station with remote, so that always turns into something interesting (photos below).

Saturday night was game night with my pals Audry, Ashley, and Kelly and their husbands. Always a fun time. We usually play Phoebe Ball, but that night, we played Mad Gab and Taboo. Now, Taboo makes you say some ridiculous things. For was the girls' turn...I was the reader. The word was "zebra." I couldn't say stripes, Africa, horse, black, or white.

I said, "Okay...this is an animal with four says 'Neiiiiiiigh!'" (I made a very convincing horse whinny.)

Someone says, "Horse!"

I say, "'s like a horse, except it's from a foreign country."

Audry says, "UNICORN!!"


I say, "'s a small horse with opposite can see them at the zoo."

Ashley and Kelly, unanimously, "Zebra!"

Timer runs out. We all look at Audry...David says, "Audry, you know unicorns aren't real, right?"


The girls won...of course.

Then, on Sunday afternoon, we had a super adorable shower for Brandi Pants to help celebrate little mister Finn! Soon to be born in February. Gracious, my friends know how to cook. I ate way too much this weekend. My face is so happy.

How freaky does my head look? And no "Your head always looks freaky" comments.

Kevin, Amanda, and Foot

Kevin's fake smile is priceless.

Natasha and Baby Bree

And Taylor and Tiffany

Zackers and Malinders

Tris, don't kill me. These were so great.

Travis and Lisa

And Kevin

And Taylor and Bree

What'r you touching my tummy for?

So, I'll know...

...where to do THIS!

The boys...

The girls.

Me and the Hugs...and Linders

Sitting in a wagon.

Drama team pose.

These two were just fabulous.


It's like a step-siblings picture.

Andy and Brendt

The two little guys.

I am physically incapable of making any other kind of face while jumping.

Chest bump!


Then Ben and Erin came...and Ben decided to share his "dance" with us.

Lisa, Erin, Amanda 1, Amanda 2

Brandi (and Finn!), Senia, Amanda, and Tris



  1. does it mean i am tacky if i like malinda's sweater? that is one cute sweater!

  2. Your head always looks freaky, Ruth. Awe, but pretty!!

    Sandra Joe, if I didn't love my snowman family sweater so much, I'd give it to you. By the way, I had some French macs for you on Sunday but you were already gone!!

  3. And you get the reward for the post with the most photos. They are great and it looks like you guys had fun!

    You should enter the giveaway on my blog:


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