Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Year In Numbers

1 - Singular sensation...wait, that's something else...trying again...

1 - Trip to Charleston, SC and Bermuda

2 - Perfect little people

7 - How many weeks along I was when we found out it was twins

10 - How many weeks along I was when the morning sickness came a-knocking

37 - Times I threw up. Yes, I counted. It gets pretty boring with your head in a toilet...not much else to do.

26 - How many weeks along I was when I measured 40 weeks

36 - How many weeks along I was when I measured 51 weeks

59 - Pounds gained...mostly in my nose.

27 - Bottles of Bio-Oil I used

4 - The number of hours I was in natural labor before they would give me anything. Four measly little hours and it was MISERABLE. You gals who have done it au natural...I applaud you. You are not from this world.

4:16 - A.M. The time Piper Lee was born

4:17 - A.M. The time Harper was born

6 - Pounds Piper Lee weighed

7 - Pounds Harper weighed

120/70 - Ruth's normal blood pressure and BP during pregnancy

198/110 - Ruth's average BP after the girls were born. I kept wondering why the nurses always looked a little worried. I felt fine. But then I noticed the BP monitor one day. Oops. That's why my feet were GINORMICUS.

1, 983, 440* - Lost hours of sleep

42 - Total nights away from David

15 - Total nights away from the girls

4, 208, 822* - Diapers changed

4, 208, 823* - Bottles given

27 - Articles of clothing thrown away because of poop-splosions

6 - Times a day I think to myself, "I wonder what it's like with just one."

95* - Times a day I think to myself, "Thank goodness it's just two...I can't imagine three."

3 - Times I would cry each day for the first few months

2 - Times I would cry each day for the middle few months

1-2 - Times I would cry each day for the last few months

89* - Times a day I would have a meltdown and pray, "God, please give me the strength to get through this day."

289* - Times a day I laugh at the goings-on of the twins

Infinity - Times a day I thank God for these two amazing people

*A general estimation.

This is me and girls at 35 weeks and 6 days. It's completely absurd.


Big Mo

And one year later...

This has been the most exhausting, stressful, overwhelming, hilarious, exciting, rewarding, and fabulous year of my life. These babies have brought us so much joy. They've drawn David and I closer together as husband and wife and as partners in raising these children. I thank God every day for picking us to be their parents and I pray that we're worthy of that honor. They're the coolest kids ever and I hope I'm not a spaz mom when they get older.

Thank you all for joining us this year and praying with us over these munchkins! It's been fun sharing with you!

Year One...we made And I know we're just getting started.

Happy Birthday, Piper Lee and Harper Missouri! We love you more than you'll ever know, you sweet little goons, you.

(Here are some more pictures of the past year...if you're super bored at work or something.)


  1. Happy birthday girls!!! And congratulations for surviving this first year and doing it so gracefully. My daughter will be 1 in March and I have a now 3 year old son and since we were pregnant together I often think about what it would be like to have twins instead of two at different ages. Sometimes I think it would be waaaaay harder to have two at the same time (like being pregnant, feeding, diapering, shopping,etc.) but there are times that I think you have an advantage (like delivering once, them being at generally the same stage together so one isn't 15 pounds heavier and body slamming the other, etc.). Can't wait to watch their second year.

  2. There is one ginormous tear going down my left cheek right now. The cheek on my face that is, not my butt cheek. That would be so weird!!!


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