Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Day of Mini-Posts

I'm sooooo far behind on my blog reading. Like, a month behind. I missed Shannon's awesome possum giveaway. Shannon, you should have another one...but just where I win. I like this idea. It's a good idea. Tomorrow and Friday, I get to be a stay-at-home mom. Well, I already am, duh, but I'm off work, too! So, I will be catching up on all of my reading. Yay!

There's nothing sweeter than when your kid walks up to you and you say, "Give Momma a kiss," and she leans in and licks your cheek. Melt.

Christmas is my favorite and was even more amazing this year. Seeing the girls on Christmas morning, their eyes wide with wonder, experiencing the magic that is December 25...yeah, I'm totally making that up. They had no idea what was going on. But, I do look forward to when they do know what's up.

It snowed at our house on Christmas Day. It would have been my first white Christmas ever. But, we missed it and that's okay. I was hoping there'd be a little be left when we got home, but it was gone. We did have 5 icicles (yes, I counted) and a puddle of ice that David and I repeatedly stepped on as we were unloading the car.

Harper is being SO DRAMATIC today. I have no idea where she gets that from.

I'm a little bit addicted to Moleskine notebooks. I don't even really write in them. I WANT to, but I don't know what I'd write. But carrying one around makes me feel all artsy and like I live in London and, OR! like I'm Indiana Jones-ish. It's the little elastic strap and the floppy covers. They're quite whimsical. I do have a calendar Moleskine, though. And I do use that one.

Just had to take a quick break because 53 pounds of baby wanted to spin around in my desk chair. Whew.

A year ago today is when I was EXTREMELY PREGNANT and that night is when David challenged me to a typing test to see who was the fastest. I laughed and shook my head in pity, for I knew he would lose horribly. And he did. He challenged me to two more tests...only adding to his embarrassment. (Mavis Beacon herself taught me how to type. And the stupid egg timer that was set for 30 minutes every day. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. WHEN WILL IT END?!?!? Ding! Yes! "Moooom, done with typing. I'm going outside to do something productive!") After the third typing challenge, I laughed and delighted in my victory(ies) and then felt kind of weird, so I headed to the bathroom. And then my water broke. And then we went to the hospital. And then I went without a drink of water for A MILLENIUM!!!! Stupid typing test.

So, you know Sara and Bryan are getting married...but here's the best part...they're letting me plan the honeymoon!!!! I mean, yay they're getting married, blah blah, but I get to plan the honeymoon!! I love spending other people's money and sending them off to somewhere fabulous. Right now, we've got it narrowed down to Cabo San Lucas and Bora Bora. I'm putting together a comparison chart for them. I think I may throw a Fiji and Australia chart in there, too, just for funsies. This is so exciting for me! It's like this wedding is about me! Me me me!! (I'm just kidding.....maybe.)

We started introducing whole milk into the girls' bottles or sippy cups and so far, they've been pretty cool with it. We're on our last cannister of formula...something I am very happy about. Mixing powder and water for nine months was lame. And I'm very happy about having the whole milk because now I can steal some of it and pour it over strawberries or peaches or bananas or blueberries...Mmmmm. Growing up on skim milk means that whole milk is like the sweet cream of heaven in a plastic jug.

Speaking of, I'm gonna go eat breakfast.

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  1. Haha! I am thinking of doing another one soon, though. Thanks for linking to me.

    I love that your daughter licked your face. That's hilarious!


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