Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Beach Bums

Another fabulous Christmas at the Beach with my Mom's crazy side of the family. Literally...crazy. (pointer finger doing circles around my ear) Everybody was able to come this year except for Nathan, Lacey, and their two (Olivia and Abigail), Chase and fiancé Jessica, and Sara, Bryan, and Virginia Kate...or as Megan likes to call her, Virginia Cake.

The girls have only been to the beach one other time when they were 7 months old and they weren't really impressed by it. They weren't really impressed by it at first this time around either, but they warmed up to it.

The weather couldn't have been more perfect. I know I say this every time, but I've never seen the beach so beautiful. The sands were so white, it looked like snow and completely over-exposed every picture. The water was smooth and crystal clear. It was like a scene in a movie when someone is dreaming and they're in this perfect place.

We weren't a fan of putting our feet on the sand at the beginning.

But, we finally got there.

Harper's hands stayed like this the entire time. David has a great video of her walking.

Day One and Piper Lee wasn't having any of it.

I'm pick me up!

Mom took some miming classes in college.

Mamaw Grass to the rescue!

Hey, this sand isn't so bad.

I kinda like it!

No water!! I'll do the sand, but no water!

And actually, Harper stood in the water for awhile up to her ankles, but one random wave came up when she had her back turned to the deep blue and it got up to her fanny, so no more water for the rest of the weekend. And it was cold, so that probably had something to do with it.

Mom's not a huge supporter of this picture.

I want one of these! A parasail type thing with it's own propeller.

Uncle Pete and his gals

Swinging with Mamaw

Mmm...I think I might go down to the sand on my own.

Nope. Changed my mind. Don't wanna.

Ugh! My ball is stuck in that minuscule amount of sand! GEEZ!

I think I can brave it.

Somebody help!! It's surrounded by sand!! Ugh!

Bouncing my ball...

Hey, ball, where you goin'?

NO! My ball rolled off into the SAND! OH, THE HUMANITY! I'm gonna point and whine until somebody gets it for me!!!!

Okay, we're good. Uncle Pete got it.

Stuck in this prison forever...

Oh, hey, there's a door.

It pains me to say this, but I share a lot of things with you guys on my blogs and I think it's important to be open and honest about stuff. We were quite devastated to discover that our children are involved in an underground gambling ring. Texas Hold'em is their game of choice...Omaha High rules. Also, Go Fish.

Papaw and his very stylish pajamas.

Sam and Drew battling it out via Rock, Paper, Scissors over who gets the Ultimate Guy's Grand Champion prize since they both Bingo-ed at the same time. Droops won the $20 prize.

Papaw calling out the Bingo numbers.

The Bingo cards that have been used since the dawn of time.

Day Two on the sand.

Oooooooh....yes....oooooooh, so cold to my toesies.

Hey, iznosobad.

Trying to get a picture of the two of them. This one doesn't work. Let's try another.

Yeah, that doesn't work either.

Sand. Barf.

WHAT?!?! Safety Pig is COVERED IN SAND!!

It's a long, lonely journey on the white sands of Florida.

Stayin' alive, stayin' alive...

Let me see if I can traverse this bottomless ravine.

Five more minutes guys...I'm on the pot.

Oh, the sun. The. sun. It's...amazing. It holds a power over me I cannot explain.

WHOA! Whoa. I think my feet are on backwards.

It's too high, I can't make it! Go on without me. Well, wait...maybe if I just scooch down an inch at a time. YES! It's working!

The twins: Coming and Going

This is my pondering face.

This is my what you say?? face.

Uncle Hoop and Piper

She's holding up a shell to Safety Pig's ear to let him hear the ocean.





  1. Oh my word. You make me laugh so often and so hard.

  2. I want to go take sunset pics now. Thanks a lot.

    ps. the stayin' alive pic is my favorite.

  3. So much fun! And the girls looks so much like you when you were little...

  4. I always enjoy your photos. But maybe I enjoy your comments about your photos even more...

    I noticed the other day I fold my towels like your husband! It drives me crazy when they are folded, gotta let loose a little bit, don't I? But it's because they don't fit in our little linen closet any other way!! :) Listen to me defending my "type A" personality!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!
    Kristine from Little miss and Mister


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