Thursday, December 15, 2011

Men Vs. Women: Addendum

Exhibit K
"Checking on the Girls" - As still fairly new parents, we check on the girls regularly when they're sleeping. Not through the night, especially if they're sleeping good, but taking naps or after they've gone to sleep, but we're still up. David and I have quite different methods of "checking" on the girls. Let it be said that we both love the girls just as much.

I go in and tip toe to their beds. I take out the books they were reading and any other toy besides a stuffed animal. I brush the hair out of their faces and slowly cover them with their hand-knitted blankets. I rest my elbows on the side of their cribs and watch their tiny chests raise and lower with each breath. Sweet baby girls.

Peeks his head in the door, looks around, comes back out, "Yep, they're still in there."

I don't have pictures from Eric's photo booth at the tacky sweater party last Saturday yet, but I do have a couple of pictures from Audry's tacky sweater cookie exchange on Sunday.

Mom let me borrow her sweater from way back in the 80's. I'm surprised she still had something like this way back in the dark recesses of the closet...the place no one goes. My side ponytail is making my head look oblong. It's not really shaped like that. I hope it's not.

Audry and Ruth: Step-sisters

Tomorrow morning, we leave for Christmas at the Beach 2011 with Mom's side of the family. So excited! So, when we get back, I will post lots of pictures and videos of the crazy.

Also, a few folks asked how I was able to get work done and have the hoodlums running around all day. I shall share my secrets with you next week...da da duuuuuum.

Everybody have a great weekend! *kiss kiss*

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