Tuesday, December 6, 2011

SANTAAAAA!! I know him...I KNOW HIM!

Heh heh...that movie will never get old. (It's Elf, Mom.)

So, this past Friday, we took the girlies to see the big man himself...Santy Clause. I was a tad apprehensive as to how they'd be with him this year. Last year was a breeze. They were pretty chill until the last few seconds of being in Santa's lap and then they were DONE. But, they're so much more aware of stuff now and I was afraid the beard would scare them. Nope. They went right to him. Piper Lee reached out for him. Harper was a little more wary..."What do you want, old man? I've got my eye on you." But she did great. I was so proud of them. They both asked Santa for exactly what Santa is going to bring them, so that worked out great.

We then strolled through the mall, stopping to look in every window, but we lingered in front of the Auburn store a bit longer. They love tigers. If it wasn't ridiculous and ridiculously priced, I'd totally get them a huge tiger like that. But, I mean, what would you do with it, honestly? Fake tigers take up so much room and don't even help around the house.


  1. they love tigers because they are going to be auburn fans:)

  2. That's a great Santa picture. I'm a little worried that Andrew's going to ask for something different than what Santa is bringing him. Then Santa will have to go shopping again.

  3. Oh and I have to tell you, I cried at the end of "Elf". Pathetic I know. I love that movie.


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