Monday, December 5, 2011


This Friday, we took the girls to see Santa and I have pictures, but no time today. So, I would like to share with you a video of my favorite little redhead, Megan. This is our friends' (Audry and Wes) daughter. I remember the day Megan was born. We walked into the hospital room and there lay in Audry's arm, a teeny tiny baby girl Wes with red hair. We earnestly wondered if Audry was the mom. But, as Megan's gotten older (she is now 4.5), her facial expressions, especially her "sassy" face, are most definitely Audry's.

Megan is the least dramatic person I know. For instance, last year, we went to the Christmas Festival an hour north of here and Wes got a bowl of homemade ice cream. Megan wanted a bite and Wes offered her one. No. She wanted to hold the spoon. Wes explained that he didn't want her to get ice cream all over her shirt, so he was going to hold the spoon. Tragedy!! Megan covered her face with her hands, fell to her knees, and cried to the heavens, "Whyyyy?!?!?!?!?!?!" It was spectacular. And I use the same tactic to get my way with David sometimes.

Megan is also one of the most philosophical people I know. I've told Audry time and again all she had to do was create a "Quotes of Megan" book and she'd be set for life. That kid says the darndest things.
"I don't like BBQ. It makes my eyes hurt."

Megan: "I got in trouble at school today." Audry: "Why?" Megan: "I was chasing a boy." Audry: "Well, did you at least catch him?" Megan: "Twice."

"Mommy, Daddy is the most handsome man, don't you think? (thinking...then whispering behind her) Daddy, I forgot what else I was supposed to say."

"Mommy. MOMMY! Listen to me. Listen. To. Me. Do you know...the Muffin Man?"

Megan is also an accomplished musician and dancer. As you can see in this video. She was wearing her Barbie heels. The real showstopper is at 46 seconds.

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  1. I started watching and thought, "Girls just wanna have fun"--that's so funny!. Then I took a big swig of hot tea at about 45 seconds and almost spit it all over my computer one second later.


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