Friday, December 23, 2011

Two More Days! (including today)

There's no way to transition from these photos into the normal post, so here are some pictures from Noah's camera from this past weekend.

No one was there to catch her, Mom!!!!

The origin of Supergirl...a small child, catapulted from her intergalactic space pod, landed on a white sanded beach in northern Florida. The feeble men of this planet were thrown back in the wake of her immense powers.

And when she turned to face them, her glare made them do the exact same thing.

Beach Fight Club

Dirigible Baby

You guys, it's almost Christmas!!! It's the best time of the year. It makes me so happy.

This week has been so wonderful. After the beach, we took the girls to David's parents' house. They kept the girls until Wednesday afternoon, when Mom went and got them for the rest of the week. We're headed home tonight after David gets off work. Since I work for the most awesome people ever, I was off Wednesday, Thursday, and today. It's been so quiet...eerily quiet. I've not known what to do with myself. I kept thinking, "I'm just gonna sleep late and relax and watching pointless shows on TV and do absolutely nothing." Yeah, that lasted about 5 minutes. I can't stand being unproductive. So, I got up at 8 every morning, ate breakfast, and got to work. Wednesday, I wrapped all of our Christmas presents. That took forever. I usually do bags, but I ran out of Christmas bags, so I had to wrap everything else. I hate wrapping. I'm horrible at it and I just hate it. I finally finished about 4pm. David got home and we assembled the girls' birthday present, a trampoline. Since they're not 100% aware of the difference between their birthday and Christmas, we just merge the two right now. Next year, we'll make sure they're separate. Y'all, that thing is bouncy. I haven't jumped on a trampoline in ages, so it was an experience. We have a safety net and we threw ourselves into it to make sure it would hold us. It did. So excited to see them jump on it!

Thursday, I started packing things that we won't be needing until we move. No buyers yet or anything, just wanted to get a head start. It's amazing how much crap a family can accumulate in such a short time. I threw away so much stuff and have an entire yard sale's worth of junk out of just two rooms. It's liberating, though. I love to purge and declutter. Last night, David and I had our own Christmas, which was so much fun. He always gets me the best stuff. That man knows me. And he follows the links to the things I send him so well. He's perfect. Really. (He actually does pick out most of the stuff himself, which I'm so proud of.)

I woke up this morning to the tune of the the firetruck siren. I immediately thought, "It's Santa!!" But since I have no kids with me today, I thought it'd be weird if one adult was standing outside waiting for him to drive by. He comes through every year on the firetruck, waving a kids waiting outside their houses. I peeked through the guest bedroom window and he stops halfway down the street. Weird. Seven emergency personnel get out. Huh, those elves are dressed weird. The elves pull out a stretcher. OH! It's an actual emergency! So, about half of the neighbors on the street open their garage doors, pull out their lawn chairs, and watch the drama unfold. Seriously, I thought, you people have no respect for others, I muttered to myself as I discreetly watched through my window for 20 minutes. The guy was okay. They rolled him out, he was sitting up. I think he's diabetic. They come out here a lot. I'm like, "Lay off the cake, man!"

Today, I'm folding laundry, cleaning the house, baking and packing our suitcase for the trip home. And maybe watching a cheesy Lifetime movie.

I hope each of you has a wonderful Christmas and good (and relaxing) time with friends and family. I pray Christ's blessings on you and as fun and joyful as Santa and the tree and the stockings and the gifts and the fellowship's kind of humbling to think that it's all really just because a loving Dad sent His only Son as an innocent baby to die for us, because He loved us that much. Thankful–and underserving–for that.

Merry Christmas!

For unto us a Child is born, to us a Son is given; and the government shall be on His shoulder, and His name shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace. - Isaiah 9:6

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