Friday, December 30, 2011

The Two Are Two

Despite yesterday being kind of not great–the girls are sick, no sleep, etc.–I'm just so excited and happy and grateful because my favorite kids, the ones that I have, my beloved Twinsleys, are two years old today. Two. 2. TWO. I cannot even believe it. I have two-year olds. That's so weird to me. Noah asked me this past weekend, "Ruth, do you ever stop and think about the fact that you have kids?" I responded, "I haven't had time to, but yeah...that's CRAZY!"

When the girls were born (and even before that), I had a ton of people who either had twins themselves or knew of someone with twins tell me that "it gets easier after the first year." I panicked, thinking, "Oh my gosh, I don't think I can do it. A year is an eternity!" But, of course, I was being dramatic and the first year flew by. I mean, I blinked and it had passed. It wasn't easy and I remember it not being easy and I felt like I was never gonna sleep again, but as time goes on, those parts are starting to fade away. So, 2011 shows up and I'm thinking, "Heh heh, this year is gonna be a breeze." Uh, no, those people were liars. Well, not all the way liars...

This year has been easier in some ways and harder in some ways. Easier in the sense that they can communicate things to me..."Nana water (I want water). Cookie gone bye bye mouth, uh oh, no for Mama. Cold. Hot. Where's Sissy? There she is! Uh oh, spaghettio. Oh NOOOOOO! Poo poo, diaper." But harder in the sense that they. are. into. everything. They run everywhere. They never walk. They're not like normal kids who stay near their parents. Neither of us can take them anywhere by ourselves. It'd be like chasing two mongooses. They can climb out of or over anything. They chatter incessantly. David even pointed out, you spend 18 months trying to get them to talk and 100 years trying to get them to zip it. They're crazy people. Really. If only I could harness that energy. I could power my own spaceship. Moment to ponder how cool that would's quiet in space.

The easiest time with the girls has been when they were 5 months to about 10 months. When Harper started walking at 10.5 months, it was a whole new ballgame. This year has been less stressful, but more physically exhausting. And they're bigger this year. It's tough when they both want to be held at the same time. I usually end up in one of the recliners and they squirm until they're comfortable...elbow in my chest, knee in my liver, toes digging into my thigh. I'm pretty sure I have internal bleeding right now actually. It's like having two greased potbelly pigs in my arms.

They fight more, but are also more loving. I've caught them countless times giving each other hugs and kisses for no reason at all. Just because. Melts my heart every time. And I can't explain the feeling when they give me a kiss right on the lips for no reason other than because I know that's them telling me they love me. Or after I've given them some chocolate. They'll have hug wars to see who can hug me the most. They do the same with David. They love to wrestle with Daddy. They usually win. I'm telling you...two greased pig-bear hybrids. They know your weak spots and they work together.

But no matter how exhausting this year has been, I wouldn't trade a single second of it for anything. It has been completely perfect. I was jumping on the trampoline with them the other day and they were laughing and I was laughing and I stopped and thought, "This is the best thing ever. I want a million more!! Wait...NO! No, God, I was just saying I love kids. Maybe just one more. Not a million. JK. Please."

Having these babies is the most magical experience I could ever imagine. Disney World is magical, but this is like Disney World every day and you can't beat that. Speaking of DW, I cannot WAIT to take the girls!

I still can't believe God chose us as their parents, but I won't doubt His perfect plan and I sure am glad he picked us. They completely change your perspective on everything and I'm thankful to them for that. They're awesome and two years old and I can't believe they're ours.

Here's a link to last year's "one year olds" post with more newborn, all 13 pounds of them, and more one year pictures. You guys know what they look like now. I can't believe how fat they used to be. Love it! Nothing cuter than some baby pudge.

Piper Lee

Harper Missouri

I thought I'd show you guys a before and after picture. I was determined to lose my baby weight...mainly because people said I couldn't do it. Don't ever tell a pregnant lady or new mom that because you'll probably get punched. It took me 8 months to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but about 18 months to get less squishy. It's still a work in progress, though. It's amazing what your body goes through when you have a kid or two.

Here's me at 35 weeks...6 days before the girls were born. Most of my weight was in my stupid face.

And here I am today!


  1. Aw! Happy birthday! Hope ya'll get some sleep soon!

  2. Haha! Love the last two pics. And Happy Birthday to two super adorable girls.

  3. Love it! Love you! It totally goes by super fast. And keeps getting faster. More kids are fun. Don't be afraid.


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