Tuesday, December 27, 2011


We had the BEST Christmas. I mean, the BEST. It was so much fun. David and I got to my parents' house Friday early evening and the girls were running around like tasmanian devils. I missed those monsters so much. Once we got them settled down for the night, my family did our Christmas together. Everybody was there...Sara, Bryan, Me, David, Noah, Peter, Mom & Dad. It was a lot of fun. We've gotten into the tradition of opening our gifts ahead of Christmas. That way, David and I get to spend Christmas Day with his family and Sara and Bryan get to spend it with his (his sister and her family live about 30 minutes away).

Then, on Christmas Eve Day, both sets of my grandparents, my great Aunt Wylene and great Uncle Emory, my second mom–Miz Di, her son (and a third brother for us)–Connell, and Bryan's parents joined us for a huge breakfast. It's such a good breakfast. We have it every year. Fruit, breakfast casserole, cinnamon rolls, and OJ. It's been the same for as long as I can remember. My favorite breakfast of the year. Yes, I have favorite meals of the year. My favorite lunch is New Year's Lunch. It beats out Thanksgiving.

The girls, of course, were in love with all the attention. They were the happiest kids. Their great grandpas helping them dress their Cabbage Patch kids (which used to be mine and Sara's).

Bryan's Mom telling captivating story.

The girls got some new books and you see who is reading them.

Aunt Moo got them some new glittery Toms and they LOVED them. I have never seen someone prance around showing them off like they did.

We decided to mix and match.

I'm telling you, this kid loves the sun.

She's got a little Pentecostal in her.

We raked up some leaves and engaged in the childhood activity of...well, playing in the leaves.






"I question your motives, leaf."

And then I was lame and took pretty much zero pictures after the leaves. Christmas morning, we headed to see David's family. Everybody got to be there except for Rebecca, Richard and Liam. Laura Grace, James, Allen (whom I've aptly named Rocket Man [that's a good story]), and Tinsley (T-Rex) were all there. GranJan made us cranberry orange scones for breakfast. Y'all...I'm gonna tell you the truth...those scones were the best scones I've ever had. By "the best," I mean THE. BEST. They had this orangey glaze for on top. I'm gonna get the recipe. You have to try them.

She also made this amazing lunch. That whole family can cook, I tell ya.

Uncle James building stuff.

That afternoon, we visited my grandparents for supper and were joined by the rest of the family except Uncle Danny's family because Benjamin was sick. I hope you're feeling better, cousin!!

My third cousin, Jeremy, and his wife, Shannon, had a son about 3 weeks before the girls were born. His name is Tristan. So, he's 2...but you would think he was 17. He's about 6'100" and I think they said he weighs 38 pounds. THIRTY EIGHT POUNDS!!! But he's not chubby. He's a solid rock. My mom tried to pick him up and it's like he's bolted to the ground. But he sure is a cutie. White blonde hair and a sweet little laugh. The girls LOVE to play with their own kind and they had a ball. Tristan was a little nervous at first because they were double-teaming him, but the evening ended with a "4th cousins jump off the coffee table" contest. (I don't do the "once, twice-removed" stuff. Too confusing. I don't even know what it would be...Mamaw A's sister is my great Aunt Johnny. Johnny's daughter is Jena, first cousins with my Dad. Jena's son is Jeremy. Jeremy's son is Tristan. So, fourth cousins. I don't know. Whatever, it's family.)

We got home Monday afternoon where Santa left presents here!!! Santa was a little lazy this year because she, uh he, didn't put together all the toys like he did last year...he just left them in the boxes. So, the girls ran in, saw the toys, screamed in delight and thus ensued a 2-hour toy assembly. I don't know what Santa was thinking. It was raining outside, but I couldn't stand not to let them see the trampoline, so we walked outside and they wiggled out of our arms into the safety net and immediately went to jumping. Harper had to warm up to it, but she loves it now. Raining again yesterday, but we found a 30 minute window where it let up some. They wanted me to jump with them and they kept asking, "Mama jump more!" So, heh heh, I did. They couldn't stand up and I just bounced them in the air while they laughed. One of the top most precious moments of my life. I don't know that you can have more fun than that. They were out of breath, their noses red from the cold, and sheer delight in their eyes. That trampoline was worth every single cent. As was the safety net.

Sorry for the craptastic lack of pictures from Christmas. I'm gonna try to get some trampoline pictures soon. Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!!!

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