Friday, December 9, 2011

Christmas Thoughts

Fellow bloggers, do you ever think of something to write for your blog, but it's not quite long enough to make up a real post, but you can't really think of anything else in time to write the post for today. This is one of those days. So, here's a collection of Christmas thoughts. I think of these things when I'm either halfway asleep or in the shower and I can't write them down at those times, so I can't 100% remember it all, so this post will be fairly disjointed. And most of this isn't about Christmas. I just couldn't think of another title. One of those weeks.

A Time to Give
I love giving (and getting) gifts. It doesn't have to be expensive, of course, just have thought put into it. I like gifts specifically tailored to a person. I will say that I think even gift cards can be thoughtful. I know there's a debate over how "impersonal" a gift card is, but y'all, I love those things. I like to get them, duh, but also, if I know of a specific place a person likes to go and there's a lot of things in that specific place that person likes, it's easier to get them a gift card and let them pick out exactly what they want...especially if products in aforementioned store cannot be bought and shipped because it'll spill everywhere. AH, I'VE SAID TOO MUCH. Okay, I got a gift card for someone I know reads the blog and I can't say the store, but he...uh, she...or maybe he will find out later.

I think we all have one (or two) specific gifts we've gotten growing up that we'll always remember getting. I remember the year Santa brought us the original Nintendo with Power Pad. We played that thing into the ground. And by "into the ground" I mean we played it until Peter got frustrated with it one day and chewed through the controller wires. But, we played with it for a good 10 years. It still works...just needs some new controllers. Thanks, Pete. We were so excited, though. It came with the Olympics game and we figured out how to cheat on the Power Pad. We'd put two chairs on each side and hold ourselves up so we could run faster on our tip toes and jump further. We also had Qbert. I HATE that game. The further I ever made it was about 30 seconds into the 1st round. Sara and I played Spy Vs. Spy a lot. That game stresses me out, but I'm amazing at it.

I also remember the year I begged and begged and begged for months to get the William Wallace Braveheart replica sword. I was 15 and that sword was beautiful. We woke up Christmas morning and waited by the hallway door, waiting for Dad to set up the camcorder, which always seemed to take FOR.E.VER, and then we rushed into the living room. I looked around hopefully...where is it?! Surely, it must be here!! Gasp...wait...and there it was, leaning against the couch...gleaming in all its glory (zing!). That's still my favorite sword in our collection. Thanks, Mom and Dad, for humoring my Celtic nerdism and getting it for me.

I know all of our friends are sick and tired of hearing me reference Real Simple magazine, but last year, Rebecca got me a subscription to it for Christmas. I adore that magazine. Good reads, good buys. It's my "me time" magazine in the water closet. Oh, hey look, I crossed a line.

I remember every Christmas and birthday with David. He is the BEST gift giver. Chocolate and sparkly things. Or shoes. He knows me so well.

Christmas Bags
The bags have been a HUGE success. I wasn't sure if they'd be that interested in them, but they've woken up every morning chanting "Bags. Bags. Bags." By chanting, I mean screaming. They tell me what number is on each bag and then we open it. This morning was glittery candy cane stickers which are now all over the couch, TV cabinet, and recliners. My living room is quite festive.

Christmas Running
(I'm trying to make each mini-post about Christmas.) Every night when David gets home, he gives me a break and feeds the girls supper and bathes them. It's so wonderful. I usually go out for a jog. Even though I hate it gets dark so quickly this time of year, I do like looking at all the Christmas lights in the neighborhood. It's interesting to see all the different tastes and styles of the homeowners. Inflatables don't bother me at all, but I do think some of the neighbors are amassing an army to take over the community. Simmah down with the inflatables, folks. One or two is fine. There are two couples that run together about the same time I go out. And they are decked head to toe in flashing lights, reflective clothing and shoes, and glow sticks. I'm like, whoa, preparing for take-off?? I mean, the sidewalks are pretty well-lit. Not sure who they think's not seeing them.

Christmas Hair Woes
I've been growing my hair out for almost two years for Locks of Love and well, I'm pretty over it. I haven't had hair this long since I was maybe 13 and it's about to have to go. Don't worry, I'm sticking with it until it's long enough, but don't think I'm not cheating on it by looking at other hair styles.

Food I've Been Eating Around Christmas
David found these sugar-free Russell Stover chocolate mint patties the other day and he was like, "You have to try these!" I'm thinking, "Yeah. I'd rather eat congealed mold." That makes no sense. He eventually won and I tried one...y'all, they're better than York Peppermint Patties and I don't say that lightly. I love YPP, but these things are incredible. I always go into hyper-chocolate mode this time of year, so these have been helping a lot. Well, no, I take that back. I did eat an entire bag of Snyder's white chocolate pretzels yesterday. But, I couldn't help that. Lives were at stake!! For the greater good.

Christmas Amazon
You well know of my infatuation with Amazon. Right before Thanksgiving, I made a huge order. All of the girls' Christmas and birthday presents and most of David's. It's so funny...uh, Amazon decided to completely double the entire order. So, yeah, I got two shipments (and charges) of everything. I called and they fixed it all, but I've still had to ship everything back. It's free, but David's had to drop stuff off at the UPS store every day just about. I've heard reports that's happened a good bit this time of year. But it's cool. Still love them. Their customer service is beyond superb. We got the girls a trampoline for their birthday...SHHHHHH, don't tell them!!! Or, actually, it might be from Santa. Not sure yet. They won't know the difference this year. But, the UPS guy knocks on the door and says, "Did you order two trampolines?" I explained what happened and he laughed and said, "Oh, okay. I was wondering who would order two trampolines. I see you have two kids. I thought maybe you were going to put them side by side." While that is an excellent idea, yeah, we're not gonna do that.

Ghirardelli Christmas Lady
Thanksgiving weekend, Mom and I went to the outlet mall. They have a Ghirardelli store there. Rebecca and I ravaged it last year. But you can get the best deals. When you walk in, they have a greeter that offers you a square of their seasonal chocolate. You know when you walk into a store and they're like, "Welcome to Whatever," and then tell you about their deals, etc. And you leave and come back and they welcome you again and you think, "You don't remember me? I was just in here." But, they see a gazillion people a day, they can't remember you. BUT, this Ghirardelli lady.... So, Mom walks in and she's like "Welcome to Ghirardelli, try some of our peppermint bark." Which Mom takes and puts in a napkin for later. She looks around and calls me to tell me about the deals. Turns out, I'm in the store right across from her. She steps out of the Ghirardelli store and waves to me through the window of my store. I start walking out and Mom turns to walk back in. The Ghirardelli lady offers her more chocolate. Mom took it. I walk into the store and the lady gives me chocolate. Mom and I peruse and walk back to the front to look at their individual candy bar selections. The lady turns around and welcomes us to the store and offers us more chocolate. It's getting ridiculous at this point. We have so much chocolate. But, I mean, we didn't want to be rude, right. I ended up getting some hot chocolate, because I already had a lifetime supply of peppermint bark.

Christmas Breakfast
I'm really hungry, so I'm gonna go eat breakfast.


  1. I didn't know you were growing your hair out for Locks of Love! About 2 months ago (on a complete whim!!!) whacked my hair off and donated it. It was DRIVING.ME.CRAZY. And now it's already growing back out. (Total side note, but I donated once before and ended up with a pretty terrible, Dorothy-Hamil-like hairstyle, so I was a bit nervous when my stylist chopped off the ponytail this time.)

    Anyway. I ended up donating my hair to Pantene's Beautiful Lengths program b/c they only require 8 inches. If it's not quite long enough for Locks of Love, maybe you could donate there.


  2. my parents always made us wait in the hallway on christmas morning until the video camera was set up, too! it took freaking FOREVER. drove me nuts.

    99% of my christmas shopping is off of amazon this year. i keep putting off on placing the order because i'm having so much FUN filling my shopping basket and then analyzing all the gifts and tweaking my choices. i'm so lame.

    i was going to make fun of you for getting a sword for christmas when you were 15. then i realized i got a BB gun when i was 15 from santa. and people in glass know?


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