Thursday, January 12, 2012

And the Winner Is...

Thank you guys SO much for playing!!

I gotta tell you...I delight in the comical misfortune of others. Your stories were amazing and truly entertained us. And next week, they will be the entertainment of anybody passing by to read this blog. So, thank you for being klutzes and weirdos and for sharing your horrendously embarrassing stories with all of us. They make me so happy.

Noah, your submission was disqualified. You've got it coming...just wait.

I read all of the stories to David anonymously and any proper names were disguised so he wouldn't know who anybody was. It was completely unbiased. I laughed so hard reading them. A few of them, I acted out for him so he could get the full effect. You people are funny.

He genuinely had a difficult time deciding. It took him awhile to come to his final decision. He narrowed it down to three and then tried to imagine what was the worst situation he could be in...this is what he picked.

So, Poop Pants, you win!! Hopefully, your new lotion will make you smell better and your new lip balm will help heal your chapped lips from all the crying in the stall at Disney World. I promised I wouldn't share this individual's name, but I know where she lives. Just think, that was a stressful time for you, sure, but it's brought a lot of joy to others. See? Silver lining.

I really wanted to be able to give everyone some of the fabulous lotion and David had such a hard time picking a winner. He really was upset. I wish you could have heard his comments on everyone's. I should have filmed that, shoot. Thank you guys again!

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