Monday, January 16, 2012

It's Party Time!

Saturday, we had the girl's 2nd birthday party. And it was SO much fun! Oh my gosh, I think I had as much fun as they had...even though they still don't really quite get that it's a party for them. They had a blast, nonetheless. At their 1st birthday party, Mom and I were already trying to decide what to do for this years'. So far, all two of their birthdays, we've kept the theme around something cold because they were born in the coldest winter in the history of all time. And until they pick their own theme, we'll just keep doing cold stuff. Last year was snowflakes. This year was penguins.

(I borrowed a lot of these pictures from Dad and Papa T [David's Dad]).

And everything was black, white, and all things penguin.

Penguin Caviar (chocolate candies)

Aptenodyte Bytes (chocolate orange cream-filled cupcakes)

Baked Silverfish (it's kind of obvious what they are)

Krill Kisses (also obvious)

Squid Twists (these are those Synder's of Hanover chocolate-covered pretzels that are AMAZING. I dare to say they're better than Flipz.)

Penguin Poo (cocoa dusted truffles)

Crustacean Crackers ( bacon-wrapped cheesy butter crackers)

Bacon-Wrapped Cephalopod (bacon-wrapped smokies with brown sugar)

The spread and Mamaw sampling in the background.

We also had fresh glacier water from Antarctica.

"Penguin needs a water break."
"I hear that."

Mom made this super fab banner!

Penguin building station. The kids weren't sure at first what to do with this. Reid grabbed a handful of the "skins" and toted them around on his arm like a rugged trapper in the frozen wasteland carrying penguin pelts home to his ice house.

Virginia Kate

Building penguins!

Little Finn and Shane

Bryan and VK

The twins and Reid

Water break. Okay, back to partying.


The hearts for the penguins.

Holland, the professional penguiner.

I adore this picture. Megs and Harps.

Mmm...plastic is delicious.

Opening the loot! They got the cutest stuff, you guys.



Ashley and Savannah

Virginia Cake

Such a great day! I was sad it was over. We're already planning next year's par-tay! Unless the girls decide they want a particular theme, of course. Yay for birthdays!!! And penguins!!!


  1. The 'plastic is delicious' pic looks like a pic for an ad campaign. Very cute!

  2. This party was amazing!!! I possibly have found someone who likes to go as over the top as I do and its Fabulous!

  3. Love it all! The baked silverfish though makes me think of those little yucky crawly bugs. :) It all looks sooo yummy though. I love seeing your design work. I have thought that I wish you could show us more of what you spend your days creating. Congrats on a fun and successful party!


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