Friday, January 6, 2012

Tacky Sweaters

So, waaaaaay back in last year, we went to Tris and Eric's annual tacky sweater Christmas party. And here are some pictures from the photo booth! There were a ton more than just of me, David, Zack and Malinda, but I didn't want to post pics of others without them knowing about it. And I think Z & M will be okay with it. Is that okay, Malinda?

You should know I have a propensity for smiling like a crazy person in these kind of pictures. I'm like, "SMILEEEARGHAARRRAGHAPPYHAPPYHAPPY!!"

Also, I know my sweater isn't particularly "tacky" (I actually really like it), but David had the only tacky sweater and he really really really really really wanted to wear it. He was so excited about wearing it. He was begging me and kept asking, "How many more days until I can wear my sweater?!?" So, I let him wear it.


Awkward "What Do I Do With My Hands" Pose

Attempted Chest Bumps

NKOTB's Pendulum

Merry Christmas!! Man, Christmas is so far away. :(

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