Friday, January 27, 2012

Little Manipulators

As the girls get older, they get wiser and more devious. I was expecting that to happen, but I wasn't expecting them to manipulate David and me the way they do. But, I'm catching onto it. At least I hope I am. It could be a long con. Oh man...I hadn't thought about that.

For example, during any meal, mainly supper, we'll most likely put something in front of them they're not going to want to eat (i.e. everything). So, we'll offer them a bite of chicken, like, "Here, let's take a bite. You'll like it."

"Ooooh, no...thirsty. Uh...milk! Water! Juice! Milk! Thirsty!"

So, we'll offer them a drink of something. They'll take a big swig. Then, we'll go back to the chicken.

"Ooooh, no! Thirsty! More milk!"

Geez, are they fish? Another sip. Another chicken attempt.


Another sip. By this point, their eyeballs are swimming in milk. They'll hold the cup to their lips, not drinking, but just blocking the entrance to their mouths. You're not really thirsty, you little fakers! You just don't want chicken. They still try that, but we're totally aware of the gig.

Another thing they do during the day is try to take toys from each other. Most toys, we have two of, but there are a few things that we just have one of and those are the prize items. Not because they're awesome toys, but because there's just one and it's more valuable because of it. So, someone will be playing with it and the other someone will want it. This is something really only Harper does. I'll hear this blood-curling scream and from the living room comes running Harper, crying and holding her head. She's blubbering, "Pi bite Sissy. Ouch! Oh, ear! Pi bite ear!" Well, an ear is a strange thing to bite when a hand is much more accessible and convenient. But, I'll go into the living room and see Piper Lee minding her own business, playing with the toy. I'll assume that Harper was bitten by Piper as a means to take the toy from her. I'll give the toy back to Harper. The end.

Not so much. I noticed Harper doing this more and more and I'd ask where Piper bit her and she'd hold her right ear. I'd set her down, we'd go to have a talk with Piper and I said, "Show me where Piper bit you," and she'd hold her left ear. I thought that was strange. She did the same things with the fingers or feet or knees that Piper had bitten. It was as thought she was FAKING.

One day, I happened to see the series of events. Piper Lee is playing so peacefully by herself and Harper obviously wants whatever she has. She tries to take it, but PL (the quiet but scary one) growls and snatches it back. Harper grabs her head in extreme pain and runs to me. Ohhh, my sweet child...I figured you out.

One of the most hurtful things they do is ask to go outside to jump. We put on our shoes and jackets and head out. I toss them up on the trampoline and zip up the enclosure. "No! Mama jump!" They unzip the door (yes, they figured out how to do that, sigh), reach for me, and pull me up. It just melts my heart that my children want me to play with them. I'll jump a little just to give a slight bounce and they'll run back to the opening and say, "Off, off!" Girls, we just got up here! But, I'll lower them safely to the ground and right as I'm about to step off, too, they'll say, "No, Mama jump! Zip. Up." Those little punks want me to zip myself back up in the trampoline. It crushes me. But I'll jump and get up really high and then they'll want back on. Uh, huh. It's a lot more fun when you have someone heavier on there with you, isn't it?

Sometimes I use their powers of persuasion to my advantage. Like, "Hey girls, go give Daddy a kiss...and ask him to make me some hot chocolate."

"Daddy! (kiss) Mama! Chocolate!"

Love those kids.

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