Monday, January 9, 2012

The Day We Turned 2

Don't forget to send me your embarrassing stories for the giveaway! I gotta tell you...I'm loving reading them. Makes me feel better about myself. AWWW, jay kay!

These pictures were taken on their birthday.

You woke me up...for this...

Thinking...thinking...not interested.

Take the picture. Take the freaking picture. TAKE THE PICTURE!


Piper Lee


Tongue. Yep, still there.

I look at you, ball, and I ponder your existence.

W'sup, sugar.

Hey, look at you! You CAN come out in broad daylight and not scare everyone away. Alright! Baby steps.

You see this ball? It's going in your face.

Whooooo...sweet and smooth. This is why I only smoke Cubans.

Your round, plastic surface is perFECTion!

Nothing...just wanted to say OH!

Why are no birds landing here? It always works in the movies. don't know, you know. It's and rainbows and you just gotta be happy. Yeah. I mean. Fish gotta swim. I love fish. Salmon. Yeah, you know. You just know, you know.

My ball. And I shall call you Oliver. Oooh, Oliver.

Something's up with Oliver. He's super lethargic.

Thinking...thinking...still not interested.

Something's happening to me...

Whoa! Something CRAZY is happening to me...

My muscles...I can't explain it!! I'm She-Hulk!

Oh,'s just the bouncy balls. Thanks, Mom.

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